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Deep Down: Max Heet keeps fighting for the gold on Double Up

With his debut LP in September 2022, Max Heet shows us his grit that is now meshed with a self-awareness that should influence many who are rather naïve about this fickle game streaming with evil sharks with Double Up.

Max Heet is a UK-born, Alicante, Spain-based indie hip hop artist and singer who performs his music in both Spanish and English.

Making money from his lines is the mission, as he shows us strength from avoiding the easy way out that could end up in tears. Max Heet flows like water on Double Up as she displays his winning mentality on each corner of this excellent release.

Double Up from UK-born, Spain-based indie hip hop artist and singer Max Heet is a grind-packed single that reflects the struggle to where he is now. With a team strong now, his loyal Queen keeping him grounded, and a new studio to keep costs low, this is a track that slaps all the hate away. In an industry that can make a soul cold, this is a reminder that if you stay in the zone, you can indeed win.

Belief and that never-say-die attitude, really, is that special sauce.

Listen up on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ozzie Aguilera wants to know so much more on debut single, ‘Yo Quiero Saber’

Wondering why some are so afraid to be alone, Ozzie Aguilera shows us a new creation that will float you into a fascinating world of intrigue and is loaded with English and Spanish lyrics to learn from on, ‘Yo Quiero Saber‘.

Ozzie Aguilera is a dreamy-soul/pop artist, entrepreneur and makeup enthusiast who is always looking to develop and likes to be considered genre-less.

The amount of love that I have for music is unexplainable. It’s more about how the vibe of a song makes you feel and where it takes you, other than just the words themselves.” ~ Ozzie Aguilera

A new artist with plenty to prove, Ozzie Aguilera reminds us that the creative path to being happy with oneself is a long and arduous one, but fantastically worth it if you believe in yourself enough.

I’m big on harmonies, melodies, and getting lost in the creation of my music.” ~ Ozzie Aguilera

Yo Quiero Saber‘ from the dreamy-soul/pop solo artist Ozzie Aguilera is an electric performance from an innovative soul who has had a traumatic life growing up and feels like is just starting this compelling journey to being happy with the process to the victory line. Sung with real gusto and bringing forth a sound that is new to many, this is a single that shall hypnotise and captivate many who like to see music evolve to keep the progression alive.

Insert your ears into something different on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dreamy Love: Refreshing NYC/Lima indie-retro act Tipa Tipo lead us into that sweet innocent connection with ‘Voy Por Ella’

With their special blend of Spanish lyrics and loving pop pureness, Tipa Tipo help us fall in love again with the sweetly sung new single ‘Voy Por Ella‘.

Tipa Tipo are a Brooklyn, New York City-based indie retro-pop duo formed by wife-husband team, Adele Fournet and Felipe Wurst, who are producers/multi-instrumentalists originally from Lima in Peru and were called Humanimals in their past life. They refreshingly fuse that distinctively creative energy to make music that helps you see clearly again, to what is actually possible.

”The track is about falling for a special someone on the streets of Lima, Peru (in the park, on the beach, in the bus) – a dreamy love song that evokes the urban landscapes of Latin America.”-Tipa Tipo

Their likable sound has you sliding on the floor with your feet making those moves you thought were lost forever, as her dreamy vocals lift you up with the smooth soundscapes adding so much, to give you hope again as your eyes spark live never before.

Voy Por Ella‘ from the electric Tipa Tipo, is that love song to help you feel happy again and close the door away from darkness again. With a catchy entourage of sounds for the heart, this is exactly what the doctor ordered so that you may find that special one, who is waiting out there for you.

Stream this quality new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Devil is hiding behind: Shrt_lyf knows he needs to be careful on ‘Bad Bitch’

After highly impressing with his expressive vocab on ‘Pretty Eyes and Blue Levi’s‘, Shrt_lyf is back with his expressive style to charm the ladies on ‘Bad Bitch‘.

Shrt_lyf is a Mexican/US alt rapper-rocker, who entertains with an appeal that you can’t help but enjoy. He makes that hip-hop/rock music that tells stories of love, life and sticking up for yourself in this crazy world full of sharks.

His blue body has you hooked immediately as he saunters in with a pulsating delivery of quick-fire raps and lyricism that only a few in the wold have in their arsenal. His voice is so transcendent and your head just nods, as your body follows with exciting energy.

This is the tale of liking a few girls but you have to be careful as one of them has that devilish look in her eye, that has you wondering if she is only after your money. With a few girl issues already, he sends us a message of trying to find out which one is real, but all this fun he is having is still making him happy inside.

Bad Bitch‘ from the effervescent talent of US/Mexican artist Shrt_lyf, is a wondrous display of honest music creativity through his skillful articulation of letting us know that not all girls can be trusted. With a fast-paced energy like no other, this is a song that captures your imagination, as you admire his creative juices to push out catchy songs each time.

See this wild video on YouTube and follow his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding a way through the storm: Dorothy Harris are at their grungy best on ‘No Prediction’

With the obvious pain firmly entrenched into his honest voice, Dorothy Harris sends us a gripping story about how fighting a losing battle is supremely exhausting on ‘No Prediction‘.

Dorothy Harris is a fast-emerging four-piece Spanish indie alt grunge-rock band, with that special 90’s feel interwoven into their smoking guitars, who enthusiastically formulate that truthful music to help you deal with issues that are plaguing your mind, body and soul.

Their exciting sound is so vibrant and highly confident, while his deep lyrics transmits an energy of fighting through the troubled times to make sense of it all. The Spanish band have a pleasing spark inside their creative bones and the head nods in approval throughout the different layers that become alive, as the fuse-lit track fires into life.

No Prediction‘ from the promising Spanish act Dorothy Harris, sends you into a washing wave of thoughtfulness and sadness mixed with frustration, as you vividly remember when you loved someone so much with all your heart, but they didn’t put in as much effort as you.

Sometimes life can be very confusing and is tough to predict, so staying patient and listening to your gut is perhaps the only way to stay afloat, when the waters are choppy in life.

Hear this rocking tune on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Latin fusion shaking with Yerba Colorá’s ‘Menéalo’

Menéalo means ‘shake it’ in Spanish and that is exactly the vibe on ‘Menéalo‘. This is a vibrant song from Yerba Colorá to get our day started.

Yerba Colorá is an international latin fusion band based in Marburg, Germany. The band was formed in 2016 by singer-songwriter and guitarist Naomi Keates from Manchester in England. Paired up with percussionist Sibori Zuñiga Molina from Cusco in Peru. The line-up was completed with Jörg Sebald from Marburg in Germany on the bass and Corey Taylor from Adelaide in Australia on lead guitar. The band’s influences span from rock to cumbia, with an affectionate nod to son cubano and the general motto “play whatever you feel like”. I love this vibe and energy. You also feel that this is a band that was created organically. With a world-wise lineup, this is an international band of note.

Taken off ‘¡Eh! P.‘, this is the 1st release and what a joyful sound it is. With stunning female vocals that sound so scrumptious in my ears. I could see myself shaking it with old friends and new friends. This is happy music that is much appreciated in 2020.

Stream this on Spotify and enjoy the vibe.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Swnami’s new track ‘Dihoeni’ proves that good music is of a universal language

For years, the dominance of American and British music scenes has meant a ubiquitous presence of English-written lyrics performed by people all over the world. Outside of the phenomenon of K-Pop and the splashes of Spanish heard in pop tracks, so few languages ever get recognized in the same contexts as their English-speaking counterparts. Swnami unashamedly sings in Welsh and their new track Dihoeni proves that good music is of a universal language.

This track combines fun, eccentric indie music with the energy of pop music. It’s hard to deny the good vibes surrounding the melodiously textured track. Even without knowing a single word, you can dance to this. Without understanding a single theme, you can connect with this. Without recognizing that this is, indeed, Welsh…you get the point. Swnami is certainly an act to pay attention to as there are sure to be plenty of great jams to come.