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I’m About The Action: South Kansas City rapper Rockstar Bloko fires hot in with the real ‘Mad Freestyle’

Inspired by his idol Lil Wayne, Rockstar Bloko shows us that he is tired of the wack talk from others who can’t back it up with viable results on his raw new visuals for the street cruisin’ new single ‘Mad Freestyle‘.

Rockstar Bloko is an underground South Kansas City, Missouri-born indie hip-hop artist, football player, and University of Central Missouri class of 2020 graduate. He is a fresh new face in the rap game, who is looking to be the next big thing who can maintain a long-term career at the top.

This is the story of coming straight from college and seeing the so-called competition out there, whilst not being impressed in the slightest with the quality. He raps like a man on a mission to show us what his flow has to offer, on a track which has conviction and loads of self-belief. The bars slam down hard onto the road, as he temps us with a rugged delivery which features a thumping bass-packed beat, stuffed full of ear-ringing venom.

Mad Freestyle‘ from South Kansas City, Missouri-based indie rapper Rockstar Bloko, is a ferocious quick-fire effort which shows us his style right out in the open. He is very upset that there are so many other rappers boasting about weak co-signs and showing no numbers, as he is ready to destroy their careers. He displays a youthful enthusiasm and sounds like he is only just getting started, with a fiery effort to wet our starved appetites for more.

See the music video on YouTube and check out the IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen