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Kiss Me: EVOLSI can’t deny her feelings on promiscuous new single ‘1 More Time’

Taken off the electric six-track album called ‘Phases of a Breakdown‘, EVOLSI shares her true intentions for the sweaty night on the catchy new single ‘1 More Time‘.

Outstanding Los Angeles-based, South East Texas-born music publishing company/record label founder and superb singer/songwriter EVOLSI, fantastically fuses that real life sound that lights up your mood into incredible levels of enjoyment.

This is the hot story of a passionate moment that you want to happen no matter what. After last time didn’t quite work out, you have decided to be blunt and to the point, so you can avoid any issues this time.

We are riding the wave of a breathtaking soundscape that has you gasping for air, the atmosphere has you heart beating all kinds of high numbers and you might need a glass of cold water to keep your cool.

1 More Time‘ from breathtaking LA singer-songwriter EVOLSI, is a straight forward call for your future lover to make their move as she doesn’t have time to mess about. With a sensual tone that shows you she has truly found herself again, a sexy beat and a sensational voice that makes you shiver excitedly, this is a lights-down summer track to heat up any situation.

Stream this fire new track that will warm up your room on Spotify and check out her IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen