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I Get Butterflies: South East London singer Simone Gooden knows that the love will flourish if given time on ‘Be My Baby’

With her vivid imagination on happy overdrive as she thinks deeply about what they will be like together, Simone Gooden shows us her sweetly textured vocal skills on her latest heart-grabbing single sure to heat up your mood with ‘Be My Baby‘.

Simone Gooden aka SG I.CE, is a South East London, England-based indie dance artist who sings with her heart and brings us such a beautifully toned delivery, that sweeps quickly into your whole body. She makes the type of music vibration that has you feeling more hopeful about life, as she shows us the right way to look at relationships and love.

Simone sings with such a truly honest style that shows you that she is ready for a big commitment, as she knows what she wants and believes that they are destined to be together. You feel that she is excited about this potential and wants to be together so badly – but isn’t going to rush things – so that the love may grow like beautiful flowers in nature, so that they are tightly knit as one soul.

Be My Baby‘ from the vibrant South East London-based indie dance musician Simone Gooden, is such a caring track that shows you how simple life can and should be. This is about feeling a massive crush that seems to grow fantastically inside you, as you lead it into the conscious mind, where it can take that much-need time to manifest into your deepest soul.

Anything worth it, is definitely better if you have to wait for a while anyway.

Stream this loving new track on her YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jim Jam hypnotize our ears and souls with the delightful ”Get Away”

Jim Jam is a UK based artist from South-East London and he is back with his indie lo-fi music to sooth our hearts. His latest guitar-laced dreamy song is called ”Get Away” and this will be in your head for days.

Constructed around his trusty acoustic guitar, Jim Jam’s sound is so ambient with a deep pulse that is so real. This exciting solo project from South-East London is influenced by an array of genres and this shows in his music. I love how this song is constructed and this artist makes you listen to each word.

Get Away” is about having that time alone with each other. You both need a vacation and the time together will do you the world of good. You need to get out of the same old road for a while as nothing has changed and things are getting a bit stale.

This is a beautiful song with beach vibes all the way. I could see this being played late at night with the bonfire burning bright. South London’s Jim Jam impresses here with his mellow dreamy-pop style on ”Get Away”.

Stream the new song set for release on the 24th July from Jim Jam here on SoundCloud.

Head to Spotify to find out more about this fine UK musician.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen