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Sound Animal stirs souls with her spiritually awakening experimental release, See No See, Know No Know

Taken from the ambiently spiritual world music album, By Voicelight, the standout single, See No See, Know No Know, from the disarmingly compelling California-hailing artist Sound Animal will awaken senses you never knew you had.

With elements of dreamy synth-pop synthesised around the scintillating Eastern tones that nuancedly appear around Sound Animal’s harbingeringly celestial vocal timbre, the soundscape can comfort the disturbed as much as it can disturb the comfortable. The Clannad-Esque yearning vocal lines atop the rich instrumental tapestry that breaks the monocultural mould are nothing but unforgettable.

Listen to See No See, Know No Know on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sound Animal sang a liminal lullaby in her ethereal experimental piece, A Life

Taken from her upcoming experimental solo album, Sound Animal’s arcanely euphonic single, A Life, is an all too intriguing teaser for the psychedelically exploratory alchemy that is sure to follow.

With its hallowed structures, the Berkley, California artist pushed lush reverb into unchartered ethereal waters. Through synths and sermonic non-lexical vocals that combine to create an otherworldly listening experience, A Life will easily take you out of the physical realm into a space decorated with liminal sonic symbolism.

Stream A Life on SoundCloud and save the date for the album, which will release on Bandcamp on SoundCloud on December 7th, before being distributed on December 15th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sound Animal fascinate yet again with the ear-sizzling new track, ‘Whistle the Wind Home’

With a hauntingly mesmerising start that forms into something quite intriguing and deep to close your eyes with, Sound Animal return with an instrumental track that will surely be in a Hollywood movie as we lather inside, ‘Whistle the Wind Home‘.

Sound Animal is a Berkeley, USA-based indie experimental psychedelic rock, electronic, doom and metal band that continues to defy logic with extraordinary soundscapes to swim deeply into.

Electric guitar, bass, lap steel slide and electrified dulcimers played with a violin bow, bodhrán, Peruvian triangle drum, snare drum, silver flute, double shepherd’s flute, suling, jaw harp, pungi, khaen, melodica, harmonica, recorder, boatswain’s pipe, pennywhistle, slide whistle, saxmonica, MIDI, voice, found objects, electric tennis racket.” ~ Sound Animal

After blowing our minds on the car alarm-blaring dystopian track from February that shocked our ears back into place on ‘Outlaw of No‘, Sound Animal are rather unbelievable on another totally mind-bending song for the non-masses. The different sounds on display are rather uniquely spectacular and shall take your whole body into another dimension.

Whistle the Wind Home‘ from Californian-based indie experimental psychedelic rock, electronic, doom and metal act Sound Animal is a speaker-shifting single that shall flow through parts of your body that haven’t been alive for years. They are a tremendous outfit that has defied the odds once again and grabbed our souls into a galaxy of wonder that shall make you smile with joy. Music should always be about exploring what is possible after all.

Listen to this creative experience on Soundcloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sound Animal are at their Dystopian best with a single that might cause car alarms to go off without notice on, ‘Outlaw of No’

After impressively shredding the walls down and bringing us something so brilliant and totally original away from the dull copycats with ‘Botulism Cafe‘, Sound Animal hungrily crunches into our surprised speakers with ‘Outlaw of No‘.

Sound Animal is a multi-talented experimental California-based band that somehow manages to fuse in brilliant sparks of enthralling psychedelic rock, electronic, doom and metal to lather our senses alive.

The most common genres are noise metal, experimental, dark ambient, neo-psych rock, drone, electroacoustic and avant-garde neo-classical, but most songs can’t easily be placed squarely into any label. Life is strange that way.” ~ Sound Animal

Sending our ears into a new world that has been keeping us locked inside a cage for too long, we find the key to breaking away and running far from whatever has been holding us back from seeing life the way it should be. With a freedom-seeking element of courage and creativity absorbed inside each second – you will feel totally overpowered here – and might need a cold shower afterwards to fully let this mesmerizing single seep deeply into your blushing veins.

Break out of the cage that holds you back, before it’s too late. Leap through its walls, land in the loamy rich dirt, roll, sing, and walk away, alone, head held high.” ~ Sound Animal

Outlaw of No‘ from the genre-defying doom-and-more California act Sound Animal, slices a Dystopian world right into our blood-soaked laps like a hundred ravenous claw-hungry Owls who has grown into majestic beasts who seem like they are from another planet entirely. This is a cutting edge piece of art that feels like is perfect for an important scene in a cult-like movie when everything hits the fan, as its cinematic value is absolutely priceless.

Cutting through your mind and waking you up to live your life, is exactly what is on offer here and this is a song for the brave souls who aren’t afraid to rattle the cages of this plastic-ridden world. Music is meant to be different, and this is one of the best experimental adventures you will surely dig deep into all year.

Hear this remarkable new single on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Immerse yourselves in the radiant catharsis of Sound Animal’s ambient instrumental score, Dew of the Sea

“Dew of the Sea” is just one of the recently released instantly arresting ambient singles from the avant-garde US artist Sound Animal. Despite its quiescence, the panoramic release feels just as titanic as, well, Titanic.

Within the transient waves that pulsate with celestial timbre spilling from them, there are smoky jazz timbres that come up for air between the crescendos. Towards the outro, the intensity and urgency amplify – just don’t forget to breathe.

This stunning electro-acoustic score was orchestrated on an eclectic range of instruments, such as flutes, melodica, harmonica and a dulcimer played with a violin bow, giving the soundscape an organically meditative feel with just the slightest nuance of folk while being the epitome of radiant catharsis.

You can immerse yourselves in Dew of the Sea by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rampaging Metal: California’s Sound Animal brings the scorching heat with ‘Botulism Cafe’

Shredding the walls down one by one with a totally intoxicating ambiance that shall heighten all your inner senses out of any self-enforced slumber, Sound Animal ravages our previously-innocent ears with his latest track ‘Botulism Cafe‘.

Sound Animal is a California-based and self-described experimental noise/drone/desert/doom Instrumental metal solo artist.

Botulism Cafe is Noise Metal. Dirty, farty grit to have fun kicking out walls with. Ballsy dissonance from an apartment bedroom.” ~ Sound Animal

There is a fiery explosion of blaring sounds from a truly possessed artist who is in the prime of his career – with the gusting winds of creativity roaring down on him – like a hungry Lion who needs a snack right now as his belly rumbles furiously. The ear-piercing energy is quite overwhelming at times, with a booming speaker-breaking force that is unlike anything heard so far in 2021.

Botulism Cafe‘ from the experimental dark doom California-based solo artist Sound Animal, is an almost eight minute experience that shall have your over-stimulated mind feeling rather enraptured with this whole experience. This is loud, brash and in your face, with no let ups for a breath at all. Exactly the way it was intended after all.

Hear this wild new track on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Flight: Berkeley-based Psychedelic Doom act Sound Animal return with ‘End of Neverending’

Blending in an impressive assortment of varying and unorthodox instruments such as tennis rackets, flutes, drones and violin bows on dulcimers, Sound Animal show us that ever-evolving creativity is in the eye of the beholder and anything is still possible on ‘End of Neverending‘.

Sound Animal is an experimental cross-genre Psychedelic Doom/Avant-Garde Metal act based in sunny Berkeley, California. They make that uniquely created music that has you in awe of their creative minds, as they seek new possibilities that haven’t been made yet.

Sound Animal experiments with found sound objects like tennis rackets, plays instruments in strange and unusual ways, such as violin bows on dulcimers, releases singles regularly, is signed non-exclusively with Kryrart label.” ~ Sound Animal

With sounds you probably haven’t heard before, this is a totally innovative effort which has you soaring the skies above, looking for that energy which set you free before, as you find that hidden fire inside you to reach for those dreams most would think are actually silly.

A condor-eye-view of the heartbreaking glory of the perfect but fragile world. Soar the skies above the clouds, feel the devastating beauty. Nothing will ever be the same.” ~ Sound Animal

End of Neverending‘ from the wildly talented experimental Berkeley, California-based Avant-Garde Metal/Psychedelic Doom act Sound Animal, is that birds-eye journey to seeing much more than meets the eye to most. They fuse together different genres and styles into their own sound, which is mightily impressive in this rather copy-cat world. This is the type of song which has you looking a bit deeper – as you soon realize that music will always innovate – if there are enough brave people around, to keep on pushing the boundaries on what is actually possible.

Check out the music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen