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Miami-based modern RnB duo Soulpax finds that place to keep the energy alive on ‘Moonbeams’

With a magnifying lens looking at ways to keep this incredible love alive as long as possible while gazing above for inspiration, Soulpax brings us a stunning new single that has a groovy vibe and features gorgeous vocals to uplift your mood on ‘Moonbeams‘.

Soulpax is a Miami, Florida-based indie modern RnB and Dreamy Pop duo who make a crisp blend of world-class soundscapes that raises you off your seat and into a better place.

Couples with their songwriting, Soulpax focuses on cultivating an immersive and interactive live show that will make even the shiest venue goer want to jump into the crowd and shake their hips.” ~ Soulpax

There is so much to love about a band that use their close connection with each other to make something so beautiful on this soul-grabbing experience. Soulpax fuse in a mood-transforming blend of delightful melodies that has your heart beating like a determined lover, who knows now what is needed to keep this love from burning out like a lost candle in the wind.

Moonbeams‘ from Miami, Florida-based indie RnB/Dreamy Pop duo Soulpax, is a track all about attempting to keep this flame lit bright no matter what. There is an elegant nature on offer that takes you into a wonderful world that is away from all the doom and gloom, gliding you high and to a fabulous location that has you finding true comfort as one.

When you both want it to work out, the power you possess is mightier than you can even fathom.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see their travels via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen