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When love ends again: SnapDibz release emotion-filled new Hip Hop single ‘Done Believing’

SnapDibz return with a new rap track to get you thinking about starting fresh via the pulsating ‘Done Believing‘.

Atlanta, Georgia-based indie-rap artist SnapDibz, makes that inspiring music that tells real stories about love and life. With an attractive sound that flows through your heart to help you deal with loss or sadness, he has a perfect understanding about what soulful soundscapes should sound like.

This is the real story about how love was fiery and hot but soon sizzled out as she showed her true selfish ways. You had so much love for her but then it was too much to handle, as you want to be with someone genuine and not full of themselves. When you realize that you shouldn’t of been with someone like this, it can take you more time to heal, as you feel like a fool who was poisoned by an evil soul- who just wanted your good energy for themselves.

Done Believing‘ from Hip Hop artist SnapDibz, is a top notch new school track that is full of quality raps that are quick-fire and meaningful. With sultry vocals that add so much heart to proceedings, this is a fine song with a bouncy beat that lifts you up, while also making you feel so reflective from past experiences in love.

That feeling of losing hope about love is so painful and takes a while to get over, until you meet a special soul again so you get that extra heartbeat in your system. Love must always win over sadness after all.

Hear this fine single on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen