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Stevie Leigh has the voice of a soulful angel on ‘Turn The Lights Down Low’

Stevie Leigh has the wonderful voice of a sparkling, soulful angel on her now single called ‘Turn The Lights Down Low‘.

Stevie was raised in busy London where she grew up listening to music of all genres. She began playing the piano and singing at a very young age and her passion grew along with her involvement in performing arts all the way through her academic life. After then falling out of love with music for a few years, she traveled the world and when back, found her spark again. She is now a full time musician and producer too which shows how talented this young lady is.

This track was written during lockdown when Stevie was struggling with her mental health. It’s written from her own point of view as she struggles to accept herself and she constantly tells herself she isn’t good enough.

You are definitely good enough Stevie, your style is so genuine and any person you choose to be with should with, should be so blessed and grateful to be with you.

Turn The Lights Down Low‘ is such an introspective song from a wonderful artist who is finding out who she is in this world. She is quite brilliant and I know Stevie Leigh¬†will find that special soul in her life that shows her how she should be treated. Like a Queen.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen