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Chadwick Station keep us ‘Coming Back For More’

Chadwick Station

After hitting the coveted Number One spot in the Beach Music Top 40 with their Northern Soul single ‘Cryin’ Ain’t Gonna Win Her Back’, Britain’s Chadwich Station have gone full-on R&B swing-time with new single ‘Coming Back For More’. A lot of Harry Connick Jr, a dash of Jamie Culham, and a certain splash of ‘Swing When You’re Winning’ Robbie Williams’ mixed up with beach music, swing, and jazzy R&B, ‘Coming Back For More’ grooves like it’s just bought its new tuxedo and it’s determined to show it off to you in the absolute best way possible. A dash of neat bourbon, some table tea-lights, and a groove that hangs on the three-beat; the horns swing, the piano adds some sparkle, and the bassline bumps and bounces along nicely underneath. It’s a quality tune, and adds just a little bit of alternative spice to regular R&B swing to keep it fresh and interesting.

You can hear ‘Coming Back For More’ here, and follow Chadwick Station on Facebook or Twitter.

Review by Alex Holmes

Pat Girondi & The Orphan’s Dream – soul-funk-pop with new single ‘I Did My Best’

70’s Motown, funk, soul, and tinges of early 80’s pop-rock combine on ‘I Did My Best’, the second single from Pat Girondi & The Orphan’s Dream’s fifth album ‘Orphan’s Return’. There’s obvious links to Chic, The Temptations, KC and the Sunshine Band, or the Gap Band, but there’s also that oh-so-cool-again 80’s groove – Scritti Politti, Blow Monkeys, or Curiosity Killed The Cat – that makes it sound totally on point and up-to-date.

Pat Girondi is originally from the South Side of Chicago, and – aside from being an Italian-American singer-songwriter – is also the founder of a Gene Therapy company; the five albums recorded so far by the Orphan’s Dream focus around – as the name suggests – orphan diseases, and around Pat’s fight to cure Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Disease. In ‘I Did My Best’, Girondi tells the story of injustice within the healthcare system, and of over-prescribing and mis-representing patient’s best interests. It’s also a killer little soul/funk/pop tune in its own right, and while the subject matter is serious that doesn’t stop ‘I Did My Best’ being utter fun.

You can hear ‘I Did My Best’, and the rest of the ‘Orphan’s Return’ album, on Spotify. Check out Pat Girondi & The Orphan’s Dream here.

Review by Alex Holmes

K-Magic gets ‘Mythic’ with Jazzy new single.

How’d you like THEM Jazz apples, then, huh? Well, so much so that we’re looking to buy the whole damn bushel of ‘em, that’s how much. Thanks to Kevin Bernstein, a 29 year old pianist, based in Brooklyn, NYC who, having lent his keyboard skills backing a variety of singers, bands, and comedians alongside his work with the Alison Shearer Band, has now launched his own instrumental solo project, K-Magic.

And what a project it is, too. Oh, yeah; about those apples. Well, that’s exactly what we have here – a whole barrel of jazzy trills, harmonies, and counterpoints. It’s fun, it bounces along, it sounds a little like the theme tune to one of those slightly more highbrow US sitcoms like Frasier or Will and Grace, or maybe the thing the band would improvise on Whose Line Is It Anyway. That’s not a bad thing, by the way – it’s an excellent musical piece, stop-starty at times, moving through two or three different movements but consistently returning to a repeating central motif, the ideal accompaniment to dinner and cocktails, and fine conversation; it’s left us wanting more, and that’s always got to be a good thing.

Check out K-Magic on Instagram and Facebook. Listen to ‘Mythic’ on Spotify.

Review by Alex Holmes

Dara Blaxx drops the stunning lead single from her new EP, with ‘Before I Leave’

Dara Blaxx is a 25 year old British Nigerian singer-songwriter who discovered her voice at the tender age of sixteen; and wow, what a voice. Soulful, sultry, and powerfully seductive, Dara has all the smoky, late-night elements of soul, Motown, blues, and jazz rolled up into one beautiful vocal performance. There’s elements of Sade, Joss Stone, and Dina Carroll in the timbre of her lower register, for sure, but also older classics like Etta James, Betty Wright, and Brenda Holloway.

‘Before I Leave’ is a beautifully performed tale of love and loss, and the indecision around staying or leaving; deep trap-soul beats and groove, a real R&B feel, added to the emotional vocal, make ‘Before I Leave’ – from Blaxx’s debut 6-track EP ‘Arrythmia’ – an absolute powerhouse soul track. Already hitting playlists on BBC Music Introducing in the West Midlands and in the Solent, this deserves to be all over daytime radio this summer. It’s beautiful.

You can hear ‘Before I Leave’, and the rest of the “Arrhythmia” EP, on Soundcloud. Follow Dara Blaxx on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes.

UK RnB newcomer Zoe Yovéla radiates soul in her third single, ‘ Sun’.

Up and coming UK-based artist Zoe Yovéla has released her third soulfully serenading RnB single ‘Sun’. With the light jazz piano keys and solid trap beats under waves of lush reverb and her absorbing vocals, the soundscape is a welcome reprieve from our current climate.

Her distinguished approach to production is just as refreshing as the personality she contributes to the single. With faith as the inspiration behind her music, Zoe Yovéla is all too happy to hand you rose-tinted glasses that will help you scope out the beauty in the world instead of constantly scavenging for justification for existentialism.

Sun is the kind of track that could easily stand the test of time while leaving every listener hooked by the contemporary resonance. She’s definitely one for the radar.

You can check out Sun for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get Your Groove Back: The sensational Hatty Keane is back with her 70’s fueled wonder on ‘Sing It!’

Sitting on top of world, the magnetic Hatty Keane urges us to look at the brighter times to come, on her new fantastic retro-disco gem called ‘Sing It!‘.

Hatty Keane is a lovable Salford, Manchester-born, UK-based 70’s inspired singer-songwriter. She makes that disco-infused music that helps the soul spark into life again, as she lights up the dull mood with her sparkling vocals and pick-me-up lyrics, that has your whole thrusting body in raptures of delight.

With her glorious voice ready to bring us those fun times again, she belts out a song that brings you back to the good times as you smile with her timeless funky groove. Your mind feels refreshed and ready to skip a step, eager to quickly dust off those hidden dance moves.

She sings with such honest beauty, each word feels like a hug to the cold heart that needs so much warmth to feel happy again. Her bubbly energy is transfixing as you can’t help but move your whole body in unison to this breathtaking new single, from a well-respected artist with so much love flowing in her veins.

Sing It!‘ from the phenomenally talented Hatty Keane, is a delightful song from the UK-based 70’s-styled singer with so much to offer the airwaves. This is a stunning song for the heart during these dark and gloomy times, that desperately needs more positive music like this- to warm the senses back to life.

Stream this electric track on Spotify and see her radiant style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Real Feeling Inside: Peonstip feels the warm fire in his bones on ‘Radiate’

As he looks into her eyes with a shy gaze, Peonstip appears to find the right one for him on the wonderful new single from his new 80 20 album called ‘Radiate‘.

Peonstip is the indie pop/soul project of the underrated world traveler and music teacher Antone Leustek, who put many years of painstaking effort into writing, producing and singing, on this heartfelt release from his deepest soul. He is the ultimate underground artist who has worked on many other artists projects over the years without much acclaim, as he now feels like this is his time to fly free and put his name on his creations from now on.

This is the story of feeling that true love inside really quickly, as when you are with her you are so excited and want things to move really fast. Then you remember that you don’t want to ruin anything, so it would be best to keep things real slow so you get to know each other. The heat is beating faster now as you smile and look into her eyes deeper.

You feel like his heart is beating faster here as his caressing vocals come through the speakers, he has been alone for a while and has been biding his time, as the time has come now for him to open up his door, to let her in, so she can see his world.

Radiate‘ from the passionate multi-talented artist Peonstip, is such a romantic story about being patient and waiting for the right person to show who you really are. Life is all about those big moments when it feels right, as your heart can’t be broken too many more times.

Stream this loving track on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brianne Matthews – Holding On: Modern and Minimalist RnB

Holding On is just one of the tender tracks to feature on RnB artist Brianne Matthews’ debut EP, ‘Metanoia’. With stripped-back instrumentals, plenty of the focus falls upon Brianne Matthews’  vocals that pull old school soul styles into a modern and minimalist production. The experimentation with spatial effect mixed with the compelling message that runs through the lyricism, reminding you that if you feel lost while tethered to the past, you’re not alone, is sure to resonate.

The case made in Holding On becomes even more convincing through the addition of the male vocals that add plenty of baritone soul to the mix that was orchestrated to stay with you long after it fades; it’s safe to say that the breaking artist was successful.

Holding On is now available to stream via Spotify. For more info, head over to Brianne Matthews’ official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

J. Vybe offers hip hop fans some good ‘KARMA’ in their debut single featuring Rebecca Irene

Breaking hip hop artist J. Vybe has kicked off 2021 with a blazing start with the release of their debut single, ‘KARMA’, featuring Rebecca Irene, where sharp rap bars cut through the accordance of the jazzy old school beats.With layers of the collaborative artist’s harmonic neo-soul vocals finding the perfect place in the track around J. Vybe’s bars which reel you in hook, line, and sinker, calling KARMA an immersive track seems like a crass understatement.

While the lyrics allow you to put your perspective into… perspective, the beats will give you a safe, warming and soulful space to do it. It’s a genius track that will be a hit with any fans of Eminem’s forceful bars.

You can get some good KARMA for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Award-winning composer Diesel Keys has released his latest single, ‘What I’m After’, featuring Josie Soden.

What I'm After by Diesel Keys

Award-winning Yorkshire-based songwriter and composer Diesel Keys is set to scoop up more accolades after releasing his latest jazzy piano pop single, ‘What I’m After’, featuring vocals from Josie Soden.

There’s a grandiose air to the ballad that unravels with intensity while avoiding falling into the realms of theatrical novelty. Josie Soden’s sensual and soulful vocals were the perfect choice to compliment the neo-classic keys that glide through crescendos and sparsely intimate progressions. With the infusion of the horn section, you’ll get to swim amongst the tonal warmth that only Jazz can offer.

It’s a stunning release that sets plenty of anticipation for Diesel Key’s future endeavours and releases.

What I’m After is available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast