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Soul X Sushi

Aliza Li needs the mind more than the body on her soul-healing new release, ‘Mirror Me’

Taken from her new delightful 4-track EP ‘Soul X Sushi‘, Aliza Li follows on from the huge success of her previous single from 2020 called ‘7th Grace Complex‘, with the stunning eye-opener ‘Mirror Me‘.

Aliza Li is an Atlanta, Georgia-based RnB solo singer-songwriter who blends in lusciously projected vocals that are simmering in beautiful treats filled with soul and jazz.

Soul x Sushi encompasses all aspects of what true love really is, from euphoria to heartbreak or whatever that means to each individual but whatever that means to you, make sure that sh*t comes from the soul.” ~  Aliza Li

It’s so rare to have your heart be so compelled to shudder with so much love when you turn on a song for the first time. Aliza Li has that power within her grasp and she is absolutely incredible here as she unlocks the door and shows us how she is feeling right now. Needing much more than a one night fling, this is an intellectually in-tune artist who truly gets what she needs in order to succeed romantically and spiritually.

Mirror Me‘ from Atlanta, Georgia-based RnB/soul/jazz solo artist Aliza Li is a single that asks her lover to be patient as she finds out who she really is in this rather odd planet we reside in. Her vocals are stunning and the lyrics are so descriptive of her mental path right now, as she looks for that real connection with a kind soul that shall set her free forever.

Bathe inside this glorious vocalist on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen