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Michelle Ayers sets the pace in her soul house anthem, Fast Steppin’

Newark-born, Atlanta-based veteran recording artist Michelle Ayers has been projecting soul into the EDM scene since 1988. In 2022, she is on zealous form in her latest single, Fast Steppin’.

As cool as a New York club kid in the 90s, as soulful as Houston, she was best placed to bring the funk, groove and euphoria in her escapist retro disco house anthem, which shows the vast range of her soaring vocal dynamism over the solid beats and Nile Rodgers Esque synthesised guitar chops. Feel good tracks have never felt so good.

Fast Steppin’ is now available to stream on Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

WeAreiDyll and Olivia Ambani created a new milestone in the evolution of deep house with ‘Take a Chance’

For their latest soul-infused deep house mix, ‘Take a Chance’, WeAreiDyll, borrowed the vocal timbre from Olivia Ambani, who easily matched the vibrant tones in the soft and tropic beats.

Take a Chance is a mantra-filled dose of aural serotonin that finds a sincere way of relaying that nothing is a given, everything is a matter of chanc and when it comes to love, you may as well take those leaps of faith that can take you just as high as the vibes in this serenely incandescent single which stands testament to WeAreiDyll’s new wave of soulful house that entwines with African house music. The soul-deep high vibe track is exactly the kind of music we need on the airwaves right now.

Take a Chance is now available to stream on Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast