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Amytra – Writ of Love: Soulfully Socially Conscious Hip-Hop.

After watching Malcolm X and MLK speeches, Amytra launched the most socially conscious hip-hop hit of the summer by debuting her playfully soul-driven fourth single, Writ of Love. Writing on difficult topics doesn’t typically result in serotonin-spilling sonics, but Amytra defied the odds and broke new ground with Writ of Love.

After starting with a definition of the word Writ provided by Siri, the funky basslines feed the liberating high-vibe atmosphere, which will throw you right back to the 90s as you drink in the empowering lyricism inspired by recent acts of injustice and the pervasive influence of systematic oppression on society.

The only people who could bring themselves to love to hate this infectious hit are the regressively abhorrent zealots who cling to discrimination under the illusion of falsified superiority and throw their new favourite buzzword, ‘woke’, around like it’s an insult.

Writ of Love was Co-Produced by none other than Dr Ron Moton, best known for being a 22-year member of the Platinum, Grammy award-winning group, Confunkshun.

Watch the official music video for Writ of Love on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rocdwell is insatiably electric in his seminal hip-hop single, Enough is Not Enough

Around the old school luxe atmosphere, the luminary hip-hop artist Rocdwell broke the mould with his unfuckwithably fly single Enough is Not Enough. His visceral lust for life energised the hit to the nth degree, making the polished production the ultimate addition to your high-vibe hip-hop playlists.

Enough is Not Enough is the perfect introduction to the Detroit-hailing hip-hop artist’s soul-first approach to his minimalist motivational signature style, which plenty of other artists will undoubtedly want to forge after hearing the effortlessly inspirational smooth delivery. It is the kind of track you can listen to endlessly and still pull out fresh fragments of introspective gold, which Rockdwell is worth his weight in.

The experienced MC, who also runs under the moniker Chief Roc, has been involved in countless projects, but standing alone, the limelight definitively agrees with him.

Enough is Not Enough was officially released on March 27; check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rapper and producer, JaefKae is razor-sharp in his Reggaeton hip hop single, New Machete

With a danceable versatile flavour like no other, the Chicago-hailing rapper and producer, JaefKae, burst onto our radar with the genre-fluid beats in his latest single, New Machete.

The tropic earworm picks at the roots of hip hop, Caribbean Dancehall, Reggaeton and Soul and plants the seed for a fresh new sound, defined by kaleidoscopically colourful instrumentals and the effortlessly high-vibes in the vocals.

During his career, JaefKae has opened for Nas and Pusha T, taken his high-energy performances across Chicago, and used his platform to represent his Afro-Purto Rican and Japanese descent, be a force of resistance against police oppression and to fight for black liberation.

His moniker comes from JFK because his 200-song discography “will blow your f***ing mind”. Considering that New Machete completely dominates your psyche before flooding it with dance-worthy rhythms and elevated talent, JaefKae had every basis to be that bold when settling on the pseudonym that will ripple across the globe attached to his infectiously upraising tracks.

New Machete is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

From Street Rapper to Soul Sensation: DOMO4200 raised the roof and put it on a new plateau with ‘PREACH’

Street rapper, DOMO4200, has made a name for himself through his galvanising live shows, versatile rap style that melds soul with old-school conviction and fresh beats. He lived up to that name in his serotonin-spitting high-fire latest single, PREACH, featuring Rahzil Blckwell.

After an energetically jazzy prelude, the melodic track unfolds around his viscerally uplifting rap bars that preach a very different gospel to what you hear reverberating through churches but written in the lyricism, you’ll find relatability and motivation by the smorgasbord.

It’s no surprise that DOMO4200 isn’t failing to rack up the streams with his effortlessly expressive tracks that make no bones about where he came from and put no limits on where he’s going. After hearing PREACH, that’s a journey you’re going to want to take with him.

Stream PREACH on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Donnell Isaac inspires passion in our uncertain landscape in Everyone Needs Love featuring Sonny King

Soul singer Donnell Isaac’s latest single, Everyone Needs Love, is an RnB wisdom bomb that will even get romantic nihilists into the groove and mood. With the gospel nuances, the US-based artist prays at the altar of passion and invites his listeners to kneel with him.

The remix featuring Sonny King spills sublime indie-funk while it serves the essential reminder that ‘everyone needs love like they need a heartbeat’. The romantically indulgent track does plenty more than point out a life necessity; it proves that love doesn’t come easy, but when it does, it’s matchless.

The remix of Everyone Needs Love is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tony Newbury speaks up for the voiceless in his latest single, Westwood

Tony Newbury’s mission as a rap artist is to prove that no one is as alone in their depression and anxiety as they think they are. For anyone who has experienced a loss that has alienated them from the rest of the world, the artist’s latest single, Westwood, which explores the raw emotion left in the wake of his brother, has what it takes to resonate on a deep level.

The old school jazzy grooves and gospel nuances bring cathartic ease to the otherwise fiery and volatile rap track which perfectly depicts the disquiet storm that our minds have to navigate in grief. After listening to Westwood, you’re left with the sense that Newbury truly respects the relationship with his fans and never gives less than 100% when putting a new track on the airwaves.

Westwood was officially released on October 15th. It is available to stream on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

CPTime brings it ‘Home’ in his latest high-vibe poppy hip hop single.

Douglassville-hailing artist CPTime has sent ripples through the Pennsylvania hip hop scene with his dynamic flows, constantly evolving style and commitment to keeping his lyricism clean.

His latest single, Home, pays ode to the people that instantly make us feel right at home in their company – regardless of where we are or how long they’ve been lighting up our lives. The grooving pop elements in this old school-inspired hip hop track ensure that right from the intro, you ironically feel right at home in the smooth, chill, soul-infused soundscape.

Home is a major sonic shift from CPTime’s popular Halloween track, Let Us Out, which saw his lyricism go conceptually dark as he channelled Freddy, Jason and Chucky to offer nefarious high vibes. There’s no anticipating where CPTime will take his sound next with his tendency to bounce between party hip hop, inspirational tracks and holiday tracks; high-quality remains the only constant.

Since 2012, he has released over 50 tracks on official streaming services; the most popular has racked up over 350,000 streams on YouTube alone.

Home is now available to stream on Spotify.

Follow CPTime on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alt Hip Hop Luminary XENO Waxes Lyrical in His Evocative Feat of Soul-Infused Trip Hop METHUSELAH

Finding hip hop that hits as hard as much as it inspires doesn’t happen every day, and that is just one of the reasons to delve into the sophomore album from the alt-rap revolutionary XENO.

His latest album, TRANSCENDENCE, fuses elements of soul, trip-hop and alt-electronica to feed the soul a cuisine that it won’t be accustomed to but will quickly learn to crave.

The lead single, METHUSELAH starts with minor piano keys and phantasmal vocals swathed in atmospheric effect; when the beat kicks in, it’s impossible not to get caught up within the trippy multi-layered high vibe hit. Every ounce of attitude in the mix reflects XENO’s intent as an artist; to promote positivity and passion and give power to those in pursuit of their dreams.

Nothing quite compares to an exceptionally talented artist urging their audience to feed their hunger.

XENO’s album, TRANSCENDENCE, is now available to stream and purchase on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Wordplay turns into a lyrical riot in Zay Gatsby’s standout single, ‘Ain’t Finished’.

A year on from his debut release, hip hop artist Zay Gatsby is here to remind us that he ‘Ain’t Finished’, with the standout single from their latest album, ‘New Reign’.

His experimentation with wordplay practically ends up as a literary riot as he playfully, domineeringly lays down metaphors left right and centre in the upraising track that pulls from a myriad of hip hop, electronica and soul styles.

With old school urban grit, trippy trap textures and glitchy beats, Ain’t Finished offers a vibe that you’ll definitely want to introduce to your playlists.

New Reign is now available to stream and purchase via Apple Music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jaron Smalls – Aint’ Plan It featuring Jack Doyo: Passionately Gritty RnB Hip Hop

With his latest single, ‘Ain’t Plan It’, North Carolina independent artist, Jaron Smalls, proved that slamming cotemporary feats of RnB Hip Hop don’t need to compromise when it comes to offering lashings of soul.

The stylistically diverse track exhibits the best of the artist’s passionately gritty approach to production which knows no bounds when it comes to pulling from a plethora of genres, but in its essence, Ain’t Plan It is a served-straight-from-the-soul exposition of the complexities of modern romance. It’s a rollercoaster and rollercoasters don’t come much more salacious than Ain’t Plan It.

You can check out Jaron Smalls’ latest track Ain’t Plan It via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast