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Award-winning composer Diesel Keys has released his latest single, ‘What I’m After’, featuring Josie Soden.

What I'm After by Diesel Keys

Award-winning Yorkshire-based songwriter and composer Diesel Keys is set to scoop up more accolades after releasing his latest jazzy piano pop single, ‘What I’m After’, featuring vocals from Josie Soden.

There’s a grandiose air to the ballad that unravels with intensity while avoiding falling into the realms of theatrical novelty. Josie Soden’s sensual and soulful vocals were the perfect choice to compliment the neo-classic keys that glide through crescendos and sparsely intimate progressions. With the infusion of the horn section, you’ll get to swim amongst the tonal warmth that only Jazz can offer.

It’s a stunning release that sets plenty of anticipation for Diesel Key’s future endeavours and releases.

What I’m After is available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast