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Find My True Self: Bozaay is losing his patience in the search for that ‘Love Potion’

After recently recuperating from that soul-crushing heartbreak he saw coming on ‘Sorry, I’m Not Perfect‘ from March 2021, Bozaay is worried as to why he hasn’t found someone real who truly gets him on ‘Love Potion‘.

Bozaay is a hard-working Sacramento, California-based indie RnB/hip-hip solo artist who makes a deep combination of emotion-packed music that certainly strikes at your heart and makes you think deeper than before.

As he glimpses outside to see if there is anyone worthwhile for him to be romantic with, Bozaay deliberates on the future path and sounds rather frustrated on this new single. He raps with a style that has you nodding your head in agreement, to the notion that has been eloquently explained to us. The world is an odd place right now – and finding the one is so rare – as we ponder the next move in this claw-ridden wilderness of chaos.

Love Potion‘ from the Sacramento, California-based indie RnB/hip-hip solo artist Bozaay, is a supremely well-balanced track about wishing that the pathway to that ideal person was right here in front of you. With the world so over-complicated and darkly-lit at times, this is a true tale that so many are facing right now as the quest for love goes on.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Singer/dancer Giora is back with the expressive video for ‘Sorry’

Singer/dancer Giora is back with the expressive video for ‘Sorry‘ and this is a vibrant effort that shows us the skills of a talented performer, no matter what the genre.

You get rare talents like Giora sometimes and the world needs to notice. This is an underground artist with lots to offer the world. This artist glides through and shows pain in this new song. You feel paid from the last relationship and it hasn’t gone away

Singer/dancer Giora returns with the new single that calls out for forgiveness on ‘Sorry‘. This is a real piece of art, the dance has been choreographed to perfection to match up with the whole concept of the song. This is the kind of creative song that seems to have been inspired a bit by 2020, things that seemed like a open goal have turned into a foul. Such is the world right now. Luckily, we have this kind of music to listen to and watch. Good intentions.

Head through to the YouTube link.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen