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Yabou knows that the silly lies and dumb fights need to end forever on ‘Gone To Waste’ (feat. Dave Nunes)

With a peaceful tone that is such a tranquil listen to get your whole heart into the story rather quickly, Yabou wonders how they got to this point after a romance that had the potential to be special on, ‘Gone To Waste(feat. Dave Nunes).

Yabou is a Stuttgart, Germany-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter who always shows his multicultural background that helps his music to be brilliantly diverse and fantastically edgy.

This track deals with a love/relationship which isn’t meant to succeed. It’s about accepting that it’s healthier to let go instead of lying to yourself and your partner to make it work somehow but also about breaking free/moving on in life.” ~ Yabou

Combining beautifully to bring real perspective to a moment that has been waiting for the final call, Yabou displays a gracious class and rare openness that puts the candle out and starts the healing process that two hearts really need in order to move onto better days.

Loves to make music giving free range to his creativity, rather than getting stuck in genre categories.” ~ Yabou

Gone To Waste(feat. Dave Nunes) from Stuttgart, Germany-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter Yabou shows us a shattered window between two souls who just can’t find that peace they both deserve. After realizing that they should probably move on, this is that reminder that sometimes – two people shouldn’t be together – as the toxic waters are too strong to overcome. With a crisp vocal performance and a natural beat to truly close your eyes to, this is a stunning track that is a break-up anthem that many have felt deeply before.

Even if you want things to work, sometimes nature just takes over and makes the decision before you.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen