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Too Short: Midlands duo Bluebyrd waits for the ship to come in on Song and Dance

Asking us to make the most of our short time on this strange planet, Bluebyrd releases that held up vitality with an inspiring track to remember all day called Song and Dance.

Bluebyrd is a Midlands, UK-based folk pop duo who perform with so much love and care on each of their authentically calming songs.

In this spec of life that’s gone in a flutter, you know what you’ve got to do.” ~ Bluebyrd

Lathered in so much quality which breezes through the speakers like those memorable anthems do, Bluebyrd guides us towards the light with a soul-beaming single to hold hands with.

Song and Dance from Midlands, UK-based folk pop duo Bluebyrd is a step-out-the-shadows soundtrack to get us off our seats and into a better mentality. Showing us where that song-and-dance is, we find a tranquil gem to turn up and enjoy for its pureness in a seemingly unwelcoming world.

If we look up to the sky and stay positive, the day shall always be more enjoyable.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen