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Somewhere Along the Line

Slipped Away: Nashville’s Eric Coomer wonders if the kids would be better off on ‘Somewhere Along the Line’

As he wonders why the love of his life has chosen to sink deeply into the chair and slowly fade away from existence, Eric Coomer sings with sincere feeling on the breakup anthem of 2021 on the tear-inducing ‘Somewhere Along the Line’.

Eric Coomer is a Nashville, Tennesee-based, Kentucky-born, indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who loves to express his traveller-like stories that are always entrenched in total honesty.

Never satisfied sounding like anyone else, Eric strives to be an original and veer away from the ordinary.” ~ Eric Coomer

Oozing world-class vocals and unpretentious lyrics that have you comprehensively intrigued as to his path in this strange world, Eric Coomer might be one of the most underrated solo musicians in the world. His style is unassuming and he performs without that unwanted flash, as he flourishes on this exquisite release that has you listening so intently.

Somewhere Along the Line‘ from the Nashville, Tennesee-based indie solo artist and multi-talented Eric Coomer, is one of the most expressive singles you will immerse yourself into this festive season. He is quite incredible from start to finish, as he pours his heart out on this personal track. This is the story about a lost love that decided to close the door emotionally, and wasn’t there to try and make it work.

Sometimes in life, you just have to move on, so that you may fly free away from someone who has already made a new nest for themselves.

Listen to this fine new single on Spotify and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen