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Something Else.

Something Else. Releases The Glass Freestyle

When you see the word Freestyle in a track title, it’s safe to assume that you’re about to hear one of two things. In most cases, you’ll hear sloppy flow, poorly thought-out lyrics and a blatantly subpar recording. Most of these don’t even deserve a studio treatment. Most these aren’t by Something Else. The Glass is a freestyle that should be spreading like fire and crystalizing where the dust of monotonous rap currently lays.

The Glass has a fairly simple loop that’s enjoyable enough and mixed just well enough to not be distracting to the real star of the show, a rap that maintains flow through several bars and a few baton passes. This is talent without boasting, without showboating and without gilding itself with needless decoration. This is what we want to hear when we see the word Freestyle and more importantly, why it’s important to keep this sub-medium alive. This isn’t about who can compress their bassline more perfectly, it’s about a genuine moment of artistic creation. If you’re tired of the same of the same old thing, The Glass is Something Else.

-Paul Weyer