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What I Gotta Do: Luciously-voiced Lafayette pop singer Aisha Auter drops fresh debut ‘Smooth’

As her blushing heart sparks up to the max when she sees that special human who has her body temperature rising dramatically, Aisha Auter is quite stupendous on her sultry debut single that will have you feeling rather ‘Smooth‘.

Aisha Auter is a brand new Lafayette, Louisiana-born indie pop solo artist and graduate student, who seems to effortlessly portray her story into our willing ears.

You feel her elegant nature beautifully articulate this truly special moment of realizing that this could be the one, as they have you doing things you didn’t think were possible before. Your heart shaking like a city feeling a sudden earthquake, is suddenly transformed into a whole new world that is filled with endless possiblities.

Aisha Auter might be your new favorite pop singer as her actions seem totally authentic – her succulently classy vocals are certainly smoothly massaged into our excited ears – as we are taken on a thrilling lovestruck journey that belongs on a Hollywood movie set.

Smooth‘ from the highly promising Lafayette, Louisiana-born indie pop solo musician Aisha Auter, is one of those expectional tracks you just sink your teeth into and let flow into your whole body. Her vocal ability is quite outstanding and you can feel that she has been waiting for this moment since she was just a young girl – as you feel that you are hearing a determinded young woman – who has made something to be truly proud of.

Hear this outstanding new release on her YouTube and find out more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Debut song ‘Revolutionary Days’ from Poole singer Aaron James is a strong effort about real change

Revolutionary Days‘ from Poole singer Aaron James is a strong effort about real change that is of real meaning.

Aaron James is a singer-songwriter and musician from Poole in Dorset. He trained at the Royal Northern College of Music and this is a young musician who is putting all his efforts into music. There are Jazz, Soul and Pop influences all over this marvel of a track, you can feel the skill on each note which is glorious to hear.

This song is inspired by a deep inner longing for change on a revolutionary scale, and a feeling that change is coming, and can happen if we want it. The song is about a ‘spiritual revolution’, a changing of hearts and minds, and an awakening to the truth and standing up for what is right and just. It can relate to a revolution for human rights and freedom, against racism and sexism, for the preservation of the planet and the environment, for peace, against war, and for love and care for our fellow neighbor. It comes from a feeling that words are no longer enough, we need revolutionary action and now is the time for revolutionary days.

Revolutionary Days‘ from Aaron James is his debut and this is a top effort for his first released track. This song is made with a fierce attitude, his mindset is strong and he wants change. This is a feeling that millions of us are having currently, so many things have changed but not in the way that we want them to. A top song with real meaning is always welcome and you can feel the passion. This is music that means something and should be celebrated.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dionne Clarke – Walk With Me: Smooth Jazzy R&B

Ten seconds in the song, just before you even listen to the vocals; you don’t even need to; Ten seconds is all it takes to agree with me that this song has a tremendous warming quality. An inner heater, if you will.

The sax is your first introductory instrument to “Walk With Me”, takes you gently by the hand and never lets go until the last second, there is there throughout the whole track. It only takes some pauses, in order to breath. The other main element that song consists of is a smooth like butter R&B beat. The beat, in particular, resembles to one of the classic beat-making styles of the ’90s. But enough about the music, we need to talk about Dionne Clarke’s malleable voice; this girl has an angel-like voice you need to hear. Its affection wraps you like a cloak.

“Walk With Me” is looking at you smooth R&B listeners, smooth Jazz listeners, everything smooth listeners I should say. If you’re jamming to Jorja Smith, treat you yourself: Listen

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

Salvatore Manalo – Rain: Winters Antidote

Through the impossibly competitive music scene of Portland, Oregon emerges Salvatore Manalo with his debut track Rain.

It’s a mixed bag of genres, but when you get to the bridge, putting a label on his majestic sound quickly floats to the back of your mind as you find yourself fully attuned to his sound. With riffs more fitting in Rock tracks this R&B Funk Pop enigma allows the track to flow with sweet unpredictability.

The entire ensemble is flawless, from the vocals to the instrumentals, the lyrics to the Jazz vibes that taint the track with poignantly upbeat symphonies. I’m really not sure how Manalo remains on the underground with such an array of talent. There’s a true narrative to his emotions which he explores through his command of rhythm.

Sadly, Rain falls under the category of the type of track that you’re likely to hear whilst dining at an upmarket restaurant or wandering round the supermarket. It’s not a sound that you’d hear in trendy cocktail bars or being spoken about fondly by teenagers. Never the less, if you’re looking for a sound to dispel the winter blues look no further! (Despite what your friends may think)

Coco Latt’e Presents Her Single Comfortable

Smooth R&B vibes with pleasant pop hooks and electronic influences.

Coco Latt’e has a sweet artist moniker who gives off a sense of warmth and coziness, just like a glass of delicious, creamy chocolate milk on a winter night. Her music is indeed sweet and embracing, offering the warmth of pop and the edgy emotional attitude of soul. Her recent single, “Comfortable”, is a driven, powerful and charismatic track that showcases an enticing groove and amazing production values, along with Coco’s trademark vocal performance. The sound of this track makes me think of artists as diverse as Rihanna, The Weeknd or D’Angelo, just to mention but a few. Her sound is direct and approachable, bridging the gaps between the widespread appeal of pop music and the direct groove of R&B, with an electronic twist.

Ultimately, this song stands out as a perfect example of an artist who is able to create engaging music, while retaining a lot of passion and integrity into her unique vision.

Find out more about Coco Latt’e and do not miss out on “Comfortable” and other releases from this talented singer and performer

Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud


King Kush Releases Smooth And Soulful Track “Love Letter’

King Kush is a young upcoming hip hop artist delivering a sound that is relaxing with a chill vibe, while also exploring interesting subject matter through rap and smooth melodies. His collaboration with Saint Tut on the track “Love Letter” does in fact delve into a Neo-Soul sound which features very laid back beats, delicate harp countermelodies in combination with a very smooth melodic chorus and steady rap verses. Another interesting point to mention is that the use of autotune on the vocal melodies does not take away too much of the expression, but rather smoothens out the melody to make it even more luscious.

In this particular song, King Kush tells us all about a particular situation which leads to the composition of a hand written love letter in the hopes of clarifying making things better.  With a steady and convincing flow throughout the verses, also containing a light melodic character, the message is delivered clearly. Apart from the delicate and romantic melodies involved in expressing this situation, it is also interesting to note the harmonic progression within the underlying instrumental background, particularly the into, hinting at jazz inspired sonorities which add an added touch of sophistication to the whole sound while still conforming with the chill laid back atmosphere being created.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

Garvey’s Latest Smooth Release ‘Spiralling’

If you had to sum up Garvey’s debut release in one word, smooth is the most apt one that springs to mind. It isn’t just that this slow but powerful, pop infused R&B ballad is a wonderful blend of the infectious vocal hooks and sultry late night vibes, there is also something in the way that it is put together which sees it out pace its musical rivals.

Sitting easily alongside modern acts such as Sam Smith and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man it also draws on older references such as gospel harmonies and the songs of the soul music heyday and threads them together around a slow burning dynamic build as it heads towards its crescendo. Rock guitars, plaintive pianos and sumptuous vocal treatments are all gathered in to build the drama and drive on its way to its conclusion and the result is a wonderful calling card for an artist who is definitely going to be one to watch from now on.

A&R Factory Present: Matt Gallagher

Born in the small English town of Marlow, 21 year-old Matt Gallagher’s skills as an ardent singer/songwriter and blues guitarist warranted his admission to the Royal College of Music in London at 18 years old.

His punchy first single “Never Woke Up” hit over 43,000 streams (on SoundCloud) at the start of 2016. He’s also had success recording and producing recent ‘BBC Introducing Record of the Week’ for fellow indie-band TORVA.

Inspired by singer/guitarist virtuosos like John Mayer and Prince, the video for Matt’s latest single, “Reels Of Film” (see here: is a stripped back performance that showcases Matt in an intimate studio setting. He’s adorned with a Jamie Cullum-esque suit and tie, and leads his band by throwing in impromptu guitar solos alongside powerful vocal hooks.

See to find out about Matt’s upcoming live shows.