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North London rockers Superbloom drop epic release about losing your grip on ‘Smile’

Teasing us with a splendidly-delivered single that has been dropped with their first full album on the way, Superbloom roar like hungry Lions ready for lunch with their exceptional new release, ‘Smile‘.

Superbloom is a North London-based indie alt-rock band who have decided that now was the time to release their hardest track yet.

Having previously been part of established acts that enjoyed global success, Robert and Sam have channelled their experience to develop an engaged social media following within 2 years of releasing their debut single, despite the challenges of launching during the pandemic.” ~ Superbloom

Descending into our terrified souls with a dominant single that will possibly blow your speakers off their delicate hinges, Superbloom shows us what quality music should sound like in 2022 with this incredible single that has been assembled with so much quality oozing with sensational exuberance.

This is the honest message – that so many of us can truly relate to – about going through the skeleton-like motions when once you were calm and going in the right direction, but have somehow been blown back to a haunted place that has you feeling rather concerned about where you are headed next.

Smile‘ from North London, UK-based indie alt-rock band Superbloom, is a full-blooded release that will have you sinking anchor, and vanquishing your addictions into the ground for good so that you may conquer anything you set your mind to. This track has so much power and precision from two underground legends of the game, who have made something rather special here.

Who says that rock music is dead anyway? That narrative is proven mightily foolish here, as this is a potent effort than will have you shaking with joyous enthusiasm.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and find out what makes them tick on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Moonlight Social’s new Country Pop Song Will ‘Make You Smile’

If you’re the type to walk into a buffet and try to find as many different types of food as possible, then Make You Smile is a song to whet your appetite. This track by Moonlight Social has a little bit of everything, from rock organ and pop guitar to electronic claps and a country-tinged duet. From a magical intro of resonant filtering through a dance party until sunrise, Moonlight Social is set on providing good times all around.

Now, this isn’t just an eclectic collection of random pieces thrown together onto a Frankenstein-esque mix of a song. Everything is mixed to suit the mood and the final product is a jack of all trades that’s got the potential to master any element individually. Moonlight Social gives you good reason to follow along and hear more just for the sake of hearing how far they can push their varied talents. Even if this doesn’t land on a Disney Channel show coming soon, this is a song that can be uplifting and provide just the right positivity to get you through a tough day and get your ready for a great evening. This song will Make You Smile if it takes all night.