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Run That Back: Long Beach rapper Trapboy JT doesn’t have time for games ‘No Play’ (Run That Bacc)

As he closes the circle on his crew to make sure that they are tight as can be to avoid future unexpected leaks, Trapboy JT runs the three point shot in his new flashy music video named ‘No Play(Run That Bacc).

Slurmz McKenzie aka Trapboy JT, is an emerging Long Beach, California, USA-based indie rapper. He was recently in jail for various crimes and since coming out from this place you never want to be in, has flipped his life around. The aim now is just to make good music and to never go back behind bars.

The quick-fire beat blusters with good views on the video — with a popular trap-style that flips the script on your day — as his eloquent lyrics has you listening closely, to what his next moves are.

No Play(Run That Bacc) from the youthful Long Beach, California trap rapper Trapboy JT, shows us that the time for work is now. The time for childish games and spending time away from making his hard-earned paper is over. He knows what he needs to do now and slams the phone down on undesirable distractions, that may of taken his mind away from true priorities before. No longer.

See this freshly created new music video on YouTube and check out his reinvigorated IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen