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NIXY – In n out: an intimate atmosphere

In an intimate atmosphere made of downtempo slow beats, In n out is the latest effort by up and coming artist NIXY.

Coming in at only 2:13, In n out is an enticing flow of delicate R&B opening through melodic piano synths and synth bass sounds that don’t flood the harmonic structure and let the vocals take over, proving the artist’s skilful approach to singing.

NIXY passionately sings about the ambiguity of an on and off relationship where one is let painfully hanging from a thin thread that’s about to break at the slightest tension. Such intense lyrics combined with a deep harmonic vibe come about as a pop-y appeal to soulful music able to transmit a satisfying mood despite the sensitive topic.

You can check out In n out for yourself on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.