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Moscow-based alt-rock act Slightlykilld worries about those plastic places on ‘Mirror’

With a startling sound and ear-shaking vocals that sets you free from your own inner worries, Slightlykilld is in inspired form with their latest full-blooded release that is made from the heart and is called, ‘Mirror‘.

Slightlykilld is an original Moscow, Russia-based 4-piece alt-rock band that uses its platform to promote creativity and not being boxed into any corner that isn’t healthy for humankind.

Slightlykilld has never been supposed to fit into the frames and follow the mainstream setups. The band is mostly about breaking obstacles and cliches – language, distance, inequity, ageism, and many more.” ~ Slightlykilld

Tearing up the script and showing us their immense progression from their last release, Slightlykilld reminds us of their impressive excellence with a tremendous display that should light up your eyes and wake you up from any sleepy bewilderment.

Their main points are searching and discovering, loving, and hating, self-defining, adjusting, and breaking through, balancing in conflicts, where the inner ones are the most difficult and ass-kicking, as you’re choosing yourself and your challenging existence vs visible comfort under social/political pressure. And, yes, in most cases these things can’t get along.” ~ Slightlykilld

Mirror‘ from Moscow, Russia-based 4-piece alt-rock band Slightlykilld is a superb effort from a group who have decided to be the best version of themselves possible, despite the ups and downs that come with it. They soar high here and help us heal from all the current tragedies that threaten to suffocate the world, as they give us hope that it is possible to get away from the plastic choking our souls. Performed with a spirited style that might grab your heart and take you into a dark place that you remember conquering, this is a gem of a track to truly embrace and play as loud as humanly possible.

Listen to this new incredible new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

SLIGHTLYKILLD release dark indie track ‘Love Hurts ‘

There is a dark and unsettling heart beating at the centre of Slightlykilld contrasting with the slick and sweet indie-rock that it comes wrapped in. The result is that beguiling blend of light and shade, allure and menace, the sonic equivalent of that moment when finally get up the courage to talk to the gothic beauty you have been pursuing all night and knowing that it will end with you used, lost and heartbroken. And knowing too that it will be worth it.

It’s the same blend of surface glamour and hidden danger that coils through The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Garbage and so it is no surprise to find that they have already opened for the latter to a sold out Moscow arena. It is also proof that seduction is better than savagery, for at least with seduction you go to it willingly.