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Mystifying Sounds: DARTH sam / SAMDOE intrigues the mind with ‘The Phonix vol 1’

With a style that is full of wild experiments like a mad scientist in his lab, DARTH sam / SAMDOE is here to entertain with his recently released nine-track album that will have you fascinated called ‘The Phonix vol 1‘.

DARTH sam / SAMDOE is an electronic musician who makes a star-gazing sound that is packed in with various genres, all into one puzzle that has your mind and body into a different space than before. He pushes the boundaries through an art form that has your consciousness in a different world than before.

There are a few tracks to like here and particular ones to listen out for are ‘Slept Child‘, ‘Hot Leg‘ and ‘Makin Soup‘ that come to mind. They are wrapped into a layer of mystique that has you listening extra close, as you try and work out the message through the clues that he gives us all.

The Phonix vol 1‘ from DARTH sam / SAMDOE, is a stirring performance from an artist with a variety of soundscapes throughout this album, as he toys with different ideas and creations to make this a completely unique experience for your ears to embrace.

Stream the full album here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen