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We Can Live Like Animals: sleeping together wants this love to last forever on Summer Girl

Produced by Tayte Nickols from Madfox Studio, sleeping together guides us through a gloriously innocent romance that ended rather hastily when it had the potential to blossom rather radiantly on Summer Girl.

sleeping together is a Bury, Manchester, Liverpool and Wrexham, UK-based indie alternative band who shows us that memorable music has the power to change your entire mood for the better.

Summer Girl was inspired by a short and sweet summer romance. At the end of summer, the couple agreed to go their separate ways. Like the romance, Summer Girl is short, bright and sweet, capturing the highs of a British summer in its emphatic chorus. However, much like the British summer, this romance was rained off too soon. These fleeting glimpses of a love, destined for rapidly approaching heartbreak, are conveyed perfectly through Summer Girl’s climbing vocals.” ~ sleeping together

Thrilling our sweaty bodies alive and tickling our glowing senses awake to what is possible if two souls can combine for a short time, sleeping together shall have us all smiling cheekily at each other. Bringing us all the way to the top of our emotions and then showing us the other side, this is a must-listen for anyone who still believes that true love is real.

Summer Girl from the UK-based indie alternative band sleeping together is a terrific song from a dynamic outfit who just knows how to make you groove rather sweetly. With a soundtrack to those long days that are filled with sunshine and never seem to end for a few months, you will find yourself clicking repeat on this fine song. Teaching us that all good things have to end eventually, this is a striking single that will make you stop and think about how love actually forms.

Love is so kind and so cruel sometimes.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen