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Sleepin’ on a car seat

Legendary Seattle folk artist Jim Page is at his best with the instant classic ‘Sleepin’ on a car seat’

Taken off his 24th album called ‘About The Time Is Now‘, Jim Page shows us his incredibly inspiring experience from touring in 17 countries on his latest single about making do with what you have on ‘Sleepin’ on a car seat‘.

Jim Page is a highly-regarded and much-respected Seattle, USA-based indie folk singer-songwriter who is the type of rare prolific artist who has played so many gigs that his name is entrenched into the souls of music lovers wherever he travels.

The core 3 players; Jim, Dune (bass), and Joel (drums); recorded ensemble, each in isolation. The other parts were added individually later. It had to be that way. The ideas came together during the summer of street uprisings and climate change fires, and you can hear some of that in the music.” ~ Jim Page

Jim Page¬†is one of the most beloved musicians around and returns with another glorious soundtrack that should be lodged into our minds forever. This is the message about sleeping where you must – as you get to the next day – even if it’s not the most comfortable bed you will ever find. With witty lyrics and a smooth vocal ability, this is a really enlightening release made by a true underdog great.

Sleepin’ on a car seat‘ from Seattle-based, California-born indie-folk royalty Jim Page is the story about doing what you must to survive in this rather odd world. This is an artist who has travelled all over the world on his mission to get his music out to as many people as possible – while seeing places he probably would love to go back to – while others he will definitely avoid.

We are in the midst of a true storyteller who has blended in wherever he goes and should be admired for never giving up on doing what he truly loves. If you believe in yourself enough and are willing to do what it takes, the quest is always worth it in the end, even if your wallet might go missing sometimes.

Hear a true great at work on Soundcloud and find out more about his incredible life on his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen