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I Don’t Feel Fine: North Hollywood metal band Helen 55 follow their vision on the mask-filled mission ‘Dr. 9’

With an intensely ominous sound that summons the hidden ghosts to reappear suddenly from the scraps of the putty masks, Helen 55 showcase their potent vision to a volume that might shock many like a bolt of powerful lightning on your unsuspecting body with ‘Dr. 9.

Helen 55 is a rampaging alt/rock/metal band from California’s North Hollywood area. Formed in 1997, and after disbanding from 2002 to 2018 – they are now stronger and hungrier than ever – to make that window-smashing music that wakes up your lethargic souls, to levels of passionate enjoyment.

Taken off the new album, ‘SLEEP | DEATH’ (pronounced-The Fine Line Between Sleep and Death), this is a tremendously intoxicating track that defied gravity, as they splinter all speakers with their incredibly raw sound. The cleverly-made music video is creepy and full of masks that turn into something else when thrown away to the floor, as they gravitate a style that has your mind alive and slightly shaken.

Dr. 9‘ from the ferocious alt-metal act Helen 55, is a statement of intent from a clearly in-tune band. They show us a thunderous song that bolts in rather quickly and sparks a fire inside you, that is rather rare during these dark times. This is a respected unit that has shared the stage with heavyweights such as System of a Down, Papa Roach, Thrice and more. They are back with vengeance and this is a foot-stomping effort that will have the hairs on your arms standing up to full attention.

Their vision and motivation is clear. The band is back and better than ever.

See the music video on YouTube and find out more about their vision via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stella Angelika – Sleep: Sonorous and Simplistic Sound

If you’re looking for a musician to send you to sleep, look no further than Stella Angelika, her rhythmic, delectable sounds are everything you need to hear. Her sonorous sounds echo over the reverberation of the acoustic guitar to treat you to a compelling sound that no other acoustic act has doused me with in a long time.

The orchestral sound which she recreates through her latest track Sleep is as poignant as it comes. The track allows you to get lost in the instrumentals as they patter with ubiquitous ease. Her vocals are empyreal and resonant enough to captivate you whatever mood that they reach you in. Her sound is almost a lullaby that allows you to traverse the soundwaves with her. I couldn’t recommend this acoustic act enough.

The instrumental version of Sleep is equally as spectacular, as the singer songwriter invites you to get lost within the sound that transcends any expectation of words through its majestic cacophony of sound allowing you to create your own narrative to the melancholic pace of the track

Check out Stella’s latest track Sleep on Spotify using the link below, you won’t be disappointed.