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Asking the universe for guidance: BeOmega show us the way on the electric visuals for ‘Voices Calling’

BeOmega take our minds and soul to the top of the universe, on the spiritually-awakening new single that will have you looking upwards on ‘Voices Calling‘.

Featuring PT and two sisters Pinx & Cheruki, this peacefully innovative indie-earth three-piece group, formulate that special type of music that makes you think about everything in life and broadens your mind. With a scientific mindset, they set out to show the world that life can be much simpler than we actually imagine.

With terrific guitar solos that amalgamate the stunning vocals together to be at one, this is a video that shows you a different world and makes you look so intently inside to learn more. They have a powerful chemistry and one that sparks your mind to look beyond the obvious.

Being free from the rat-chasing matrix is a journey one can board at anytime and these three artists have chosen to look differently at life and guide us there if we want to. Opening your mind to what the universe has to offer in terms of sound and light, brings you closer to inner peace and this song shows us the way to finding the key to greater understanding.

Voices Calling‘ is the call to slow down and look at the sky for inspiration from BeOmega and to fine tune your mind to the right frequency. In a world full of utter confusion, constant distractions and so much divisiveness, this is the song to calm us all down- so we can hear nature in its purest form again.

When everything else is in a state of flux, the skies above can guide us to where we need to be. Caring about nature should be high on the list of priorities and not damaging it.

Watch this sky-calling new music video on YouTube and see more about this fascinating group on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen