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Showing Us The Way: Black Koncept drops deep six track EP ‘Mind Of Koncept’

With his Dad on the mind constantly and his deep thoughts recalling how the past almost destroyed him, Black Koncept inspires a whole generation to stay busy mentally and to never let the haunting demons take over on ‘Mind Of Koncept‘.

Black Koncept is a Detroit, Michigan-based indie hip-hop artist and basketball fan, who is massively into anime and comic books, as he smartly blends this true love into his vastly emotive music creations.

At 16 years old I began rapping due to a crippling depression from being neglected by my father , and constantly starving every day having to steal quarters to eat.” ~ Black Koncept

There are six quality tracks here and no fillers, with particular gems being the demon-filled lead single ‘Mind Of Koncept‘ and the use-the-pen anthem ‘Michael Myers‘.

With so much pain-filled lyrics at every emotional corner which leads you into those dark days he has unfortunately experienced that no one should, the constant theme of suicide is brought up multiple times on this EP. With a consistent flow attached and his savage lyrical skill on show – he shows much potential behind the mic – as he brings us into this movie-like world which was almost over before it began.

Luckily through music, he has been able to wisely distract himself from those ominous moments from before and shows us how quickly thoughts can build up and potentially destroy everything.

Mind Of Koncept‘ from the Detroit, Michigan-based indie rapper Black Koncept, brings us inside his deepest thoughts and is a warning sign for our youth to learn from. With so many people feeling like they just can’t continue – he has found that by using his daily energies creatively – this new mindset can bring you so much freedom to advance your life, into the happy medium universe you seek for that true self-love.

Only love and light shall and must succeed.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She’s Crazy: Southern Indiana rockers Blind Perception just know they have dived ‘In Too Deep’

Following up from 2020’s well-received six-track EP named ‘Industrial Raunch‘, Blind Perception busts open the creaking doors down to the ground with the hindsight-heavy track that has you pondering your past encounters on ‘In Too Deep‘.

Blind Perception is a Banger Music and Josie Music award-nominated Southern Indiana-based four-piece indie-rock/blues/southern band who keep it old school good times all the way.

When we create a song, we just go where it takes us. Whatever rock style comes out, so be it.”  ~ Blind Perception

On a whopping beat that tastes so good for our starved palates to dig curiously into, there is so much to bite on here with a song that has you stompin’ your feet to. With ravishingly memorable riffs and soulful vocals – each lyric is totally honest and more than true – as you look back into your own life and shake your head with that all-knowing cheeky grin. Even if you haven’t experienced this feeling of being with the wrong person yourself, we all know someone who has.

In Too Deep‘ from the highly entertaining and free-spirited Southern Indiana indie southern rock act Blind Perception, is a regret-filled track about being with the wrong woman who clawed strenuously at your underwhelmed soul, and took many pieces to greedily claim forever. With some sensational solo’s at every rum-soaked corner – this is a wild child plunge of a release – which has you feeling so reflective about those life changing moments you come across in life.

Be careful who you give your heart to is the message here, as those lustful moments can certainly shatter your heart soon enough.

Hear this top quality new single on their Spotify and see more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Those Wild Egos: London’s Empress Linoleum rips through the big heads on ‘God Complex’

On the lead track off her incredibly vivid new six-track EP ‘Cloud‘, which is about acceptance and looking after your mental state of mind called ‘Clouds‘, Empress Linoleum impresses mightily on ‘God Complex‘.

Lily Pearson aka Empress Linoleum is a futuristic London-based hip-hop/electronic producer/artist, who’s music is so honest and truly heartfelt. She explores various topics that are often misunderstood and is an inspirational woman with vocab skills to make your heart skip a beat.

This is the true story of how some people let their egos grow way too large, as your self-awareness allows you to see inside for a brief moment, to confirm your suspicions about this subject that is often ignored. You realize that you have to be careful too, so you don’t let the same thing happen to you. Your mind is different to most but we can all fall for the same traps and be held by pre-conceived notions, that don’t actually help us at all.

God Complex‘ from the amazing talent of London’s breathtakingly creative Empress Linoleum, sees her eagerly brushing off the fake plastic that gets thrown at her by small-minded foes, to find herself through the clouds of the world to see that everlasting true enlightenment.

After recently beating her own worrying eating disorder, she is a guiding light to what is possible if you believe in yourself. She is a true fighter who pours her whole heart into her art, to make music that is truly memorable for all the right reasons.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen