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Take A Stand: Siren Valley send out powerful message about speaking up for what is right on ‘Behave’ (ft. Janell Crampton and Tina Guzman)

As they join forces to put out a real message that needs to be heard, Siren Valley are back with the visuals for Behave‘ (ft. Janell Crampton and Tina Guzman).

Siren Valley is the likable Antelope Valley, Southern California four-piece folk-pop/Americana band who play with a conscious mindset that is born from being close friends for so long. They bring joy to your smile during these horrific times that have made us seek that fulfilling emotional perspective that keeps us sane, when the world seems dark and cold.

They create their art-form so that they can bring hope to the healing, as you get washed away into their likable melodies, their close friendship is heard on each part as their music is effortless and so refreshingly honest with their joint collaboration with two inspiring vocalists, who sing from the heart.

This is the story of standing up for what is right, no matter what you were taught or told when you were young. The world evolved, but sadly some families didn’t and kept a lot of the bad old school practices which holds you back. The mission should be to fly free and expressing yourself by doing things that helps you, while developing your perspective and self-awareness.

The vocals are so enchanting and you feel the love on this message of showing that all women are definitely equal and need to treated as much in this male-dominated world, that needs to be way more supportive to basic human rights and cut out the poisonous plants that are stopping the growth, so we can all live with the same opportunities.

Behave(ft. Janell Crampton and Tina Guzman) from folk-pop/Americana band Southern California-based Siren Valley, is an eye-opening music video that shows you inside to truly motivating artists who use their platform for the right reasons. No women should ever be hurt by or be treated badly by any man. Life is meant to be loved and be loved after all.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen