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A&R Factory Interview with SirC.A.P: Exploring the Evolution of an Artist

In this exclusive interview with A&R Factory, SirC.A.P delves into the creative journey behind his sophomore album, What We Became, which explores themes of love and heartbreak while showcasing his versatility as an artist. He discusses the collaborative process with producer 22cali, the intentional and free-flowing nature of the album’s diverse genres, and the meticulous selection of tracks from an impressive list of 72 songs. SirC.A.P also reflects on how What We Became marks a significant departure from his debut album, Divergent, and hints at even greater things to come.

SirC.A.P, welcome to A&R Factory! Thanks for the opportunity to connect with you following the release of your sophomore album, What We Became, which dropped on May 10th. What’s the concept of the LP and what does it say about you as an artist?

The album is about love and heartbreak showing the pros and cons of love and lust. This project shows my versatility and ability as a young artist.

What was it like working with producer 22cali on the LP?

Cali is my brother and we’ve been working since the beginning, I’m looking forward to the future projects we’ll be making.

Was it hard deciding which songs would make the tracklist? 

No, as we kept making songs we knew which ones were gonna fit and not. We chose from a list of 72 songs to create this tight-knit and concise album.

Was including such a diverse array of genres and vibes on the album intentional or a free flow of your creativity? 

With Cali producing the vibes intentionally, me recording what I did was a free flow of my creativity. We both really pushed each other creatively to make something that stands out from our peers.

Can you talk us through the sampling and production choices which allowed What We Became to hit as a dynamic and soul-rich release?

Some samples spoke to us and some didn’t but the ones chosen truly set the vibes and create the atmosphere that “What We Became” brings.

In your opinion, is What We Became a continuation or a departure from your 2022 debut album, Divergent? 

A vast departure definitely but there may be a continuation of What We Became stay tuned.

What’s next for SirC.A.P?

Improved everything! The next will be 10x better than the last. We never stop evolving.

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Interview by Amelia Vandergast