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Sir Rizzy Royale – The Real: The Ultimate Hip Hop Aphrodisiac

Sir Rizzy Royale’s standout 2021 single, The Real, speaks to the soul as much as it connects with you on an intellectual level. With the smooth jazzy vibes, sinking into The Real is as easy as breathing. When the rap bars kick in, you will already be lost in the amorous grooves.

The romanticism-driven melodic hip hop track evades the usual bravado that ends up in most rap lyrics, The Real strips Sir Rizzy Royale bare, and you can’t help falling for what you see. It makes a lot of sense that he’s been a poet from a young age; his slick wordplay is practically an aphrodisiac.

Check out The Real and all of Sir Rizzy Royale’s standout singles on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast