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Make You Smile: American RnB singer Damian Eskridge wants her back on ‘Nothin Like Me (I Bet)’

With a seductive element flowing all over his smoothly tipped voice, Damian Eskridge urges her to change direction as the new man is ‘Nothin Like Me (I Bet)‘.

Damian Eskridge is soulful American singer, songwriter, record producer, fitness enthusiast and single father, who makes that sweet music that simultaneously causes candles to be lit and slow dancing to automatically happen all night.

This is the tale of knowing what you want in a relationship and your deeply visualized desires can only be charmingly fulfilled if she is there right by your side, instead of with someone else who doesn’t know how to make your former girl smile, just like you could.

You feel his excitement oozing through the romantic speakers, the pure passion is easy to hear as it infuses the air with love and you feel his willingness to do what ever it takes, to be with her again.

Nothin Like Me (I Bet)‘ from the US singer/producer Damian Eskridge, is a story of a man who is clearly in tune with his body, as he weighs up the options and just knows that this is the only way to be truly happy again.

Head to Spotify to hear the track and follow his busy life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Things change in a split second: Mr Hidden Treasure drops inspirational story of grit and determination to conquer any obstacle on ‘How When Why What’

Mr Hidden Treasure is a man who’s life turned upside down last year in more ways than one and he shares his story of powering on via his new single ‘How When Why What‘.

Southampton-based producer, singer-songwriter, metal detecting fan, and widowed Dad, Aaron Kesby, has reinvented himself and goes by the artist name of Mr Hidden Treasure. He is a single father of four kids who unfortunately lost his loving partner to cancer last year and has dealt with this pandemic and looking after his kids alone. This is an inspiring movie-like story that shows how music can be a guiding light and take you out of the darkness to places you never thought existed.

The epic euphoric beat strides in and we are soon introduced to a hungry emcee that raps with a flow that is easy on the ear. This is a real artist that isn’t faking anything. He speaks on what he sees and hears, this is a man with a burning desire to make top music and always keep it real.

In a universe full of too many flashy posers, this is a welcome relief in a world that is locked down with no end in sight.

The man with a heart of gold, detected that he needed a distraction from the pain he felt inside and also to fill his heart with a new passion to make his kids and her proud. Mr Hidden Treasure¬†has certainly achieved that on ‘How When Why What‘. The new journey has just begun.

Rest in peace Dolly. Aaron is looking after the kids and making incredible music that you would be so proud of.

Hear this passionate single on Soundcloud and follow his journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen