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Singapore’s Nicco Homaili knows that the love is tainted with the devil’s whisper on ‘666’

Showing us a contaminated love that has sadly almost burnt to ashes, Nicco Homaili is at his soulfully stimulating best with a single that will have you wondering why things have to end rather viciously on ‘666‘.

Nicco Homaili is a Singapore-based indie alt-RnB/Hip hop/Trap solo artist who makes a blend of musical-architecture that is sonically pleasing for our ears.

Puts out music that embodies the blurring of lines between fantasy and realism and every musical work done is cited to being a conversation to listeners.” ~ Nicco Homaili

Sung with a tremendously crisp technique that has you edging forward in your seat, Nicco Homaili displays his current mindset to a situation that became as hot as a runway fire that couldn’t be stopped. Vocally fresh and with a catchy beat to match, this is that spark-filled moment to embrace as a life lesson for us all.

His music is a direct translation of his social thoughts during the after hours and while away from the working desk.” ~ Nicco Homaili

666‘ from Singapore-based indie alt-RnB/Hip hop/Trap solo artist Nicco Homaili is the type of release that will have you turning up the volume and feeling rather anxious about falling deeply in love again. Sung with a true insight into that past relationship that burnt away just as it started, to be remembered only for its destruction.

Showing us his growing excellence that is rather impressive – this shall be a song to contemplate alone with – when you recall a past romance that left hurtful scars all over your back.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more new on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What Did I Say: Singapore singer-songwriter Camille Miller wants someone to hold her tight on ‘Nobody’s Listening’

As she emerges from the cold shadows to stand her ground and let the world know that she is ready, Camille Miller knows that she needs to sing louder to get her message across on ‘Nobody’s Listening‘.

Camille Miller is a Crofton, Canada-born red-haired indie pop/rock/blues singer-songwriter with soulful roots, who is now based in thriving Singapore. She is a well-established act who has been performing since the 90’s, and displays such class on each one of her incredibly beautiful creations.

This is the message of turning up your voice – otherwise you shall be destined to be ignored forever – as you open the door and vow to be heard now. Sung with a really excited elegance and a tone you are only born with, she brightens up any day with a wholehearted performance here that has you smiling from ear to ear, as the underdog emerges to claim her name as she totally deserves.

Nobody’s Listening‘ from the experienced Singapore-based indie blues/pop/rock artist Camille Miller, is that track about moving up to take a stand for what you believe in. After sheltering away for too long and letting others grab the headlines, you believe that now is the time for you to grab the awaiting opportunity. Combined with the support of your loyal loved ones, this is all about showing your intentions so your true fans may follow the lead.

If you want something enough – you need to go and get it for yourself – or die wondering what might have been.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hybreed Society – The World is Not Enough

Hip-hop may have emerged from the troubled South Bronx’s in the late seventies but it has since travelled the world evolving and absorbing local culture and tastes. Singapore’s Hybreed Society are just the latest in a long line of artists who have taken the form and put their own spin on it. Their’s is a refreshing contemporary twist on the genre, a rapping crew who weave their words to an almost dystopian wash of brooding synths and clinical beats.

Having been highly placed in a couple of high profile new music talent searches, Worldwide sees them wearing their ambitions boldly on their sleeves, ready to break out of their local scene and take on the world. With Worldwide they have the song which just may do exactly that.