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Atlanta emcee Emperatriz is edgy and gritty on ‘Special’ feat. Euro Trilll

Emperatriz is edgy and gritty on ‘Special‘ feat. Euro Trilll and this is a train slider that gets you off the tracks and onto good Hip Hop.

Emperatriz & Euro Trilll are both from the vibrant Atlanta area and you can see their skills on this song. The wordplay is of a high level and the lyrics bite you. The production perfectly matches the soundtrack here, the video adds extra style too. Cruising on the train, moving around to get place to place and keeping it real.

This is all about some people who think they are too special for their own boots. You aren’t feeling their vibe at all and wish they would be down to earth and keep it real. Your style is all about spiting straight truth and this is what you base your life around. In this crazy world, this isn’t always possible sometimes unfortunately.

Produced by Sik-wit-Skillz, Emperatriz’sSpecial‘ feat. Euro Trilll is a quality video and track with an edge to it. These two are clearly close and they are perfect together. You can see the love and in their eyes, they have all the special that they want and need.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen