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Letting her know how it is: Merezz hasn’t got time for reading ‘Signs’ (feat. Nessly)

Deciphering codes like a seasoned treasure hunter, Merezz is back with the mesmerizing new music video that will have you thinking beyond the norm called ‘Signs‘ (feat. Nessly).

Merezz is a wordsmith hip-hop/trap artist with bags of potential from Egypt, who was inspired to get into the music game from his life in Toronto, Canada and London, England. He scientifically formulates that quick-fire rap that stimulates the mind and gets your head bouncing all day.

This is the sensual story about falling in love real quick as your eyes lock into each other like you have never felt before. You read didn’t need to read the signs as you just knew she was into you and now things are good, you are close and she makes you feel like no other woman has ever done. The finances are royal flush so there is no problem as you treat her well, but tomorrow might be another day, so you take it one at a time but you hope this truly lasts.

Their rap attack is quality and striking, each word said for a reason in this confident smoke-filled night of wonder, the beat captures your mind and you feel like you are in a movie here.

Signs‘ (feat. Nessly) from Egyptian rapper Merezz, is that quality new school trap sound, that catches your body moving and your attention locked in tight to these top of the line emcees, on this fine new track to turn up real loud.

See this hot new video on YouTube and follow his career on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen