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Minimo Trevize takes us on an incredibly vivid journey with ‘Transmutation’

Taken off the sublime 5-track EP called ‘Side A‘, Minimo Trevize shows us a rare ability to time travel into your awaiting ears with a translucent performance via their fascinating new release ‘Transmutation‘.

Minimo Trevize is a Honolulu, Hawaii-born composer, alternative musician and multi-instrumentalist who fused in various elements of rock, funk, hip-hop, jazz and psychedelic brilliance to remember.

The first in a two-part release from Minimo Trevize. Side A features dense arrangements and strong grooves. Its a mix of indie-rock, funk, and atmospheric sounds.” ~ Minimo Trevize

With vital help from their passionate indie label Phantasmagram, Minimo Trevize floats our consciousness into warmer climates rather radiantly with a groovy single to take you into a whole new world that shall set you free from any previous pain.

The interesting elements of my music are often the changes in mood and musical juxtapositions throughout the song. That style can manifest as unusual harmonic content, changes in groove or unorthodox production and mixing techniques. I make music that feels comfortable to me, but I know it often feels outside of any particular genre. The song’s meaning is up to the listener. It tells a specific story about my life as well as being abstract. Hopefully, the music is evocative enough for the listener to create their own meaning as mood morphs throughout the song.” ~ Minimo Trevize

Transmutation‘ from the inspired composer, alternative artist and multi-instrumentalist Minimo Trevize¬†is a wondrous gem made with natural fibres that shall inspire you to probably turn this all the way up. There is a harmonious outlook intrenched inside here that will make you close your eyes, and imagine being in a different galaxy altogether.

Music with a timeless aura is the order of the day here, which shall spark the innocent soul inside you.

Listen up on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen