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JFK – Dropping some ‘Shroomz’

Pop one, pop two wi’d’a mushroom/girl you know that I can’t live without you” seems, at first glance, to be an unusual declaration of love but hey; it ain’t stupid if it works, right? And hell, it seems to be working for Florida’s JFK, judging by this chilled out slab of old-school trap.

Slightly trippy sounding, like its title, ‘Shroomz’ blooms and swells, a chiming background synth track over bass and stuttering snare beats, a psychedelic lullaby, insidious, worming its way into your head behind JFK’s rhymes. It’s catchy, poppy, and it properly hooks like the some laid-back T-Pain or Flo Rida; “Down a rabbit hole” indeed.

You can here JFK’s ‘M.Y.F.B.’ EP on Spotify.

Review by Alex Holmes