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I’ve Become Lonely Again: Shriya senses that a desolate state of mind is coming on strangers on saturn

With a simply exquisite and articulate intelligence that might cause your whole body to shiver in delight, Shriya just wants to feel safe again from all the scary cauldrons that can burn up your innocence with strangers on saturn.

Shriya is a 14-year-old Boston, USA-born indie alt-dark pop singer-songwriter and music producer who is massively inspired by the legends Billie Eilish and Lorde.

Her lyrics stem from the inspiration of both her personal experiences, as well as her observations of the world around her.” ~ Shriya explaining her inspirations in the music process

Delighting our frayed earlobes with a truly astonishing performance, Shriya is an extraordinarily gifted voice in a seemingly unwelcoming world that can freeze your precious soul if you aren’t too careful.

Her songwriting roots date back to when she was 8 years old and picked up a pencil to write her very first song with her sister.” ~ Shriya opening the door and showing us how she first got started

strangers on saturn from Boston, USA-born indie alt-dark pop singer-songwriter and music producer Shriya is a wonderful track from a young artist who displays maturity way beyond her age. Sung with a gaze up to the stars and knowing that the temptations below can truly break your spirit if you walk down the wrong path, leading us into her mindset at this precise moment.

Sometimes it’s better to dream than be with the wrong people who can lead you astray.

Listen up to this tremendous talent on Spotify and see more news on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen