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Should We Wait

Taking flight to rock our hearts: Canadian solo act Midnight Sparrows show electric energy on ‘Should We Wait? (Until the End of the World)’

The fearsome and heavy start wakes you up from your slumber as you are suddenly alert and ready. What are these thunderous sounds that have lifted me up? The electric guitar is exactly the tonic in the gin that you want right now as the powerful vocals stride in so confidently, as solo Vancouver artist Blair Bellerose’s Midnight Sparrows, fly right to the bottom of the story on ‘Should We Wait? (Until the End of the World).

Their energies transfix you as your sleepy feet are tapping like a knock at the door, your blood is flowing a bit quicker as this is quite the Alt-Rock journey that belies bewilderment. This creation is clearly at one with music fans like a true zen-master as he is humble, and puts each part of his heart into this new single.

This is about working if you are going to wait for what you want or to grab it and never let go. A real message in a world that is a bit scared and perhaps waiting for the smoke to clear, instead of getting going and doing what you need to do.

This is an exhilarating soundscape from Blair Bellerose’s creation Midnight Sparrows, as he steps up the plate and swings hard to get that home run. He’s wanted to be a solo artist for a while now after years in the shadow of a band, this is his time to shine now.

Turn this up on Soundcloud to hear what good music should sound like.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen