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Short Ride

Kelly Vargas grows sick of all those lies on her sensually elegant new single, ‘Short Ride’

Showing us her loveable hopeless romantic soul that burns bright as she wishes that things were so much more genuine than what is out there currently, Kelly Vargas opens up the curtains and shows us what she is dealing with presently as she looks for that true love on ‘Short Ride‘.

Kelly Vargas is a Costa-Rican-American Los Angeles, California-based indie-Pop/RnB singer-songwriter, recording engineer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist.

With her silky smooth vocals that send your exposed spine in an anxious state that needs some love from all the disappointment of before, Kelly Vargas is absolutely gorgeous on this superb candle-lit track that has you wondering if she will find that ideal partner. Each note is so crisp and calm with so much tenderness intertwined into this story, on a catchy beat that has you closing your eyes and imagining that sweet person who cares for you no matter what.

Short Ride‘ from the Long Island, New York-born indie-Pop/RnB artist Kelly Vargas, is a quite stunning single from a determined young woman who is looking for that real love that makes your heart beat faster and brings a grin to your face. In a world that seems to be all that that quick fling mentality that only leads to a cheapening of something precious that should be much more than a one-night thing, this is a reminder about the tender souls who desire and deserve so much more.

Hear this lush new track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen