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Update your alt-rock playlists with The Soundwave Club’s latest single, The Letter, featuring Dirty Picks

If Chris Cornell picked up a few more pop-punk sensibilities for Soundgarden’s single, ‘Rusty Cage’, it would have run in the same vein as The Soundwave Club’s sophomore single, The Letter, featuring Dirty Picks.

With infectiously melodic hooks that are sharp enough to catch in your throat and the 00s-style alt-rock vocals that are reminiscent of Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Creed and Three Days Grace, The Letter carries all of the hallmarks of an anthemic alt-rock playlist staple.

The Soundwave Club formed in 2020 during the pandemic when the life-long Santiago-hailing friends Erick Molina and Irene Rodriguez jammed and started to write and release their own material with the help of session musicians.

The Letter is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Daniel Henry blurs genre boundaries in his latest anthemic release, Circles.

Indie pop-rock earworms don’t get much juicer than Daniel Henry’s latest single, ‘Circles’, which completely blurs the line between contemporary alt hip hop and pop-punk.

The Oman, Middle East-born, Dallas-based artist evaded formal music education but has no problem formulating mind-bendingly infectious choruses and catchy hooks, such as the ones that will ensnare you in his latest up-vibe hit. Daniel Henry takes influence from the likes of Shinedown, Blink 182, Machine Gun Kelly and Post Malone, but nothing in Circles feels assimilative – despite the swathes of genre-bending music that has hit the airwaves in recent years.

The lyrics may be delivered with a stinging antagonistic tone, but the feel-good factor in this radio-ready single has been turned up to 11. So, if you’re looking to vent your frustration that comes through cyclical torment, hit play.

Circles is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

All Hail To The King

Any artist who describes themselves as the result of  Blink 182 having a lovechild with Eminem and Lady Gaga’s backup dancers has got to be worth checking out and when you do you will realise that as descriptions go, it isn’t too bad.  Part quirky pop, part alternative hip-hop and part goofing around, King Dylan’s rap-rock hybrid does nothing less than celebrates life and just oozes positive vibes. It flies in the face of criticism, ignores the detractors, faces down jealousy and reminds us that the only way to live your own life is for yourself.

It takes an Eminem beat and a bounce but stacks it with whimsical, Day-Glo pop, it is celebratory and pulsing with positivity. Already big on the Calgary scene, King Dylan is the sound of life affirming pop, it is both serious and celebratory and even on the strength of this one song, though checking out his back catalogue is highly recommended, he has a great career ahead of him.