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Under My Skin: Norwegian rockers One and a half Dog know this was meant to be on ‘Shine’

As they start off strong with a drum-filled beat mixed with groovy riffs for the ages, One and a half Dog raise their hands up high as they smartly avoid the doom-stacked doubts around and aim to ‘Shine‘.

One and a half Dog is a classic five-piece indie-rock act from Trondheim, Norway. They make a stunning blend of electric music that startles you at first, as you jump headfirst into their sensational soundscape.

The vocals are so atmospherically on point the whole way through, as we are taken on an exciting ride that lights a flaming-hot fire into your mind, that sweetly warms up your previously-cold heart. You feel like this is a cinematic experience through the swampy fields of doom – that soon take you to a place which has you gritting your teeth – as you rise up to move into the much more inviting greener pastures.

Shine‘ from the quality five-piece Norwegian rock band One and a half Dog, is a watch-me-do-something-special track, that climbs up bravely from the dangerous rubble and unhealthy dust, to break down the disappointment of before and turn it into a new perspective. On a terrific track that urges the miserable souls in your life to move away as you are only looking towards a new positive energy, this is a new single which will have you feeling motivated to shine bright again.

Knowing where you want to go, is the key to that all-time peace inside your hungry soul.

Hear their new single on Spotify and see more on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dances In The Spotlight: Groovy Nashville band Tear Ducks return after heartbreak with that glowing ‘Shine’

After a few unforeseen delays and waiting longer than they expected for their ten-track album ‘Another Late Night‘ to drop, Tear Ducks wipe away the tears as they move on swiftly from someone who wasn’t worth it on ‘Shine‘.

Tear Ducks is a happy-go-lucky Nashville, Tennessee-based indie soft-rock band with a real soulful vibration. They make that introspective type of vibe that has you rather thoughtful and also feeling warm inside from their welcoming style.

After a series of graduations, breakups, and job moves, former bandmates of several projects return to their suburban Nashville hometown after an 8 year hiatus of playing together.” – Tear Ducks

The vocals here are super chilled and kind of reminds you of Dr Dog back in the day, with an authentic sound that is never too rushed, and always honest to the core bone. You feel a sense of reflection here as you remember when you met someone who thought that they were too good for you – and moved on to their dream human – whilst leaving you with a sour taste in your mouth. However, you were happy that it happened, as then you could move onto greener pastures.

Shine‘ from the super mellow and meant-to-be-jamming-together Nashville-based indie soft-rock band Tear Ducks, shows us into a true story that has you wishing that they would take a chance on you, but don’t seem to want to. Sometimes you think that you should be with a soul that seems to be the right person at first, when actually you two couldn’t be more different in reality.

Stream this new awesome single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Fooled Yourself: Dallas Pyron closes the door on heartbreak and opens the window to ‘Shine’ again

As she glitters so bright to get over the bad light that had her down for a bit, Dallas Pyron has found her true King now and is all about that ‘Shine‘, to glow so right away from the undesirable darkness.

Dallas Symone’ Pyron aka Dallas Pyron, is a quickly-emerging Christian singer-songwriter, who blends in dancehall, pop, RnB and hip-hop into her music. She sings with a pure love for her chosen craft and is highly motivated to go as far as her dreams take her.

This is the message of getting up after falling down, you were hurt and the scars remain but you have covered them up and will never let anyone take you for granted again. They lied and didn’t remain true to their word, so they have since left and you have started over again.

You feel this catchy beat so much in your beating heart as the production captures the mood like a quality Polaroid, her stunning voice is on top form here as he sings from the bottom of her heart. Each note is passionate and you feel like she is only headed for the top — the desire is flowing from her soul — as she wants it more than most.

Shine‘ from the pure-voiced Dallas Pyron, shows you into the world of feeling hurt and disappointed with their actions. The trust was there but now its folded like a pack of cards, as you dust off the rubble and vow to shine again with someone who truly believes in you. You will love again and be wiser from this experience.

Hear this real new single on her Soundcloud and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

True Love: Steven Browley sings so sweetly on the ‘Song for Lena’

As her distinctive blonde hair flickers into the wind with a loving smile visually genuine on her face, Steven Browley sings from the deepest part of his heart, on the gushing new single that will have you thinking about the special ones in your life called ‘Song for Lena‘.

Steven Browley is a soulful indie pop musician, who brings that easy listening music to our ears in a genuine fashion. He stirs those romantic emotions deep inside, to bring out carefully crafted creations that makes this harsh world seem okay again.

This is the caring story about how his whole life stops for her, his mind is so happy and things could not be going better. After many years of heartbreak he has found who he has been looking for, as the gaze into her eyes melts all concerns away.

Song for Lena’ from indie pop singer-songwriter Steven Browley, is a true tale of when you fall in love so deeply, your whole world feels like such a better place than before and you can’t stop smiling. That shine inside your veins is so authentic and other worries remain far from your mind, as your heart beats quicker than ever before. Life is bliss.

See this sweet music video on YouTube and follow the social journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen