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She’s Got A Death Ray

Plenty Of Time: Mr. Memory sees that scary look in her eyes on ‘She’s Got A Death Ray’

As covid ironically brought them back together as they had much more time on their hands than before, Mr. Memory have their hands full with a toxic woman who is full of love but can also strike you down with her scary superpowers on ‘She’s Got A Death Ray‘.

Mr. Memory is an experienced 3-piece alt-rock band from New York City, USA. They make a world class blend of incredible music melodies for the ears to fully enjoy, due to their smartly-penned lyrics, confident soundscape and terrific vocals.

Written and recorded solely during the COVID pandemic by singer Mike Aronow, musician Jeff Walsh and drummer Andy Fligel. All 3 were John Lennon Songwriting Award winners in their previous band from the early 2000’s, Endgames.” ~ Mr. Memory

Packed full like a tasty peanut butter and jelly sandwich, there is much to munch greedily into on this quality new single. The ambiance is totally honest, things are so catchy, fresh and filled with a lip-licking flavor of intent, that keeps you turning this up to the max.

She’s Got A Death Ray‘ from the New York City-based alt-rock act Mr. Memory, is a fantastically projected track that simmers just right into your esurient soul. There is so much to lap hungrily into from a social media-less and no-frills outfit, who just want their music to be appreciated.

Good music is just meant to be loved after all, not judged.

Hear this top notch new single on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen