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She Burns Red

She Burns Red delivered a solicitous paradox of euphoric ennui with their latest single, Out of Darkness

She Burns Red

When the lyrics hit harder than the hard-rock riffs and cacophonic percussive immensity, you know you have just discovered a band that cuts above the one-dimensional fray. West Lothian’s high-octane remedy to assimilated monotony, She Burns Red, stormed through the shallow puddles left behind by other acts on the scene with their latest single, Out of Darkness.

The juggernautical grungy melodicism which leaves you with bated breath until you get the sweet relief from the paradoxical choruses where euphoric ennui awaits is one thing. The intensity of the vindicating candour amplified by the solicitous reprise of “don’t you wait for me” in the lyrics that capture the hindrance of darkness and the compulsion to push others from the sidelines of despair is another entirely.

We’ve got nothing left to say but so much goes untold, white walls filled with silent sorrow” captures the alienation of disconnected despondency to such a degree that the resonance burns red hot through this breakneck ride of riff-driven rancour.

Out of Darkness will officially release on February 24th; pre-save it here.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast