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Sharon Watkins helps us unleash that crushing frustration away forever with her 2nd single ‘Stranded’

After feeling the wrath of a horrifying pandemic, that almost tore her soul into pieces, Sharon Watkins shows us courageously inside the ultimate comeback story from health issues, breakups and redundancy that she refused to let dampen her illuminating vitality with ‘Stranded’.

Sharon Watkins is a UK-based indie soul singer-songwriter who performs from the heart and has created something truly special for us all to vibe with here.

Having grown up surrounded by the Manchester music scene, Sharon Watkins has been writing and performing her whole life. However, after an unexpected break in her 20-year global marketing career, she found the time to commit to her music and record an album with her musician brother, Sammy J Stopford.” ~ Sharon Watkins

Utterly scintillating with her gorgeous vocals and bringing a foot-tapping groove that has been lacking in the world recently, Sharon Watkins is the leader we needed in challenging times and displays a stunning aura you can’t help but treasure.

Expresses all the pent-up energy you have when you’ve been cooped up and need to get out and party, whether it’s after lockdown or just after a hard week.” ~ Sharon Watkins

Stranded‘ from UK-based indie soul singer-songwriter Sharon Watkins is a supremely captivating single and is one of the most joyous releases you are likely to hear this year. Showing us it’s indeed possible to find your passion again and break through any trauma that could destroy you, this is an absolute anthem that is sung with such class.

When you need to break free from things you can’t control, music is always the answer to all problems.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify and check out her IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen