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Shadows Eat The Sun

Bury Me: Tim Mechling feels those spooky eyes watching in the darkness on Death Rattle/Shadows Eat The Sun

With a hugely ominous start that will find you fiddling with your headphones rather nervously, Tim Mechling has dropped a fascinating song that might scare the skin off your body on Death Rattle/Shadows Eat The Sun.

Tim Mechling is a Mount Vernon, Washington-born indie psychedelic rock artist who used to perform the trombone in college.

He generally works alone, but sometimes brings in other musicians to lend a hand on specific tracks. He was Courtney Marie Andrews’s touring and session keyboardist, a collaborator with Dillon Warnek, and has been playing shows in the Pacific Northwest with his fledgling band, The Vandal Hands of Man.” ~ Tim Mechling giving us valuable insight into his music career

Feeling those fingers getting cut up with much intent, Tim Mechling returns in style with underrated brilliance with a single to remember for its wild, creative juice that might quench your thirst rather quickly. There is much to ponder within a song with limited vocals, but plenty to claw into as we unwrap this mysterious message.

Death Rattle/Shadows Eat The Sun from Mount Vernon, Washington-born indie psychedelic rock artist Tim Mechling is a rather excellent release that might rattle your bones when you’re fast asleep tonight. Stuffed with intrigue and filled with a cinematic soundtrack to our lost generation who have been distracted beyond belief, you might feel this single buzzing in your soul all night.

Hear this powerful song on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen