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Shadow of My Grave

Cold Wind: Salt Lake City-based Fearless Union shows us those endless nights on ‘Shadow of My Grave’

Ravaging our delicate souls with a mightily strong display from a character piece about the leader of a revolution, Fearless Union drops a track from his well-built 12-track release ‘The Supreme Leader‘ with an intensely strong effort on ‘Shadow of My Grave‘.

Fearless Union is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie dance/hip-hop act which was formed by Brent Walker who is also a writer and music producer.

Brent’s music draws from a series of original stories based on a sci-fi fantasy world steeped in mythology. “The Supreme Leader” represents the first of those stories, and focuses on spirituality (pain, death, and hope) to bring to life the strengths and flaws of its titular character.” ~ Fearless Union

Fearless Union shakes the nucleus of our vein-popping hearts with a stunning display that has been made with a real show of strength. This is a highly-evolving artist who makes that entertaining music – that is such a wondrous listen – and filled full with a really outstanding beat that grabs you close and never lets go for a second.

Shadow of My Grave‘ from the Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie dance/hip-hop solo artist Fearless Union, is a bass-slamming experience that is so naturally stimulating and helps us challenge all of those fears inside our enthralled heart. There is much love and care blown through from the darkness here, to help all of us get through whatever demons we have plastered to our fragile skin.

Check out this fine new single via Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen