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Moving out the shadows: Chris Dawkins has shown ‘Love & Sacrifice’ for so long and now its his time to shine (ft. Georgia Harrup)

Chris Dawkins shows his underrated class on the terrific new single ‘Love & Sacrifice‘ (ft. Georgia Harrup).

Session musician, co-writer and soul/jazz musician Chris Dawkins has been in the shadows for too long and 2021 marks the wave that will flow in our souls, so we can truly appreciate this extremely skilled creative.

Taken off the new eleven-track album ‘Painting Colours‘, this is his 2nd LP and is released with the guidance of underground Leeds based record label Released Records.

This is an experienced journeyman who is now on a mission to gain a truly worldwide audience that appreciates quality music.

This electronic layers mesh so sweetly with the stunning vocals that soak so much love all over your body as your neck and back shiver in delight. This natural energy is a spectacular addition to a world that needs so much inspiration and a light out of the dark bunker beneath us.

The story about needing to know that they will be there for you all the time and not just when things are all rosy and sweet is a blessing on our hearts and a true story. You want them to be there and now its up to them as you have placed full faith.

With the honey-coasted vocals of the lovely Georgia Harrup in full flow, this is the perfect song for Chris Dawkins to showcase his talents the world. ‘Love & Sacrifice‘ is what has happened before and now, with his labels full support, this marks a new chapter in the life of a humble musician who has paid his dues and now is thrust into the limelight to be brightly shone to the masses.

Hear the rise of an underground legend on Spotify and see his story on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen