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Crossed The Line: Blacktown’s finest Sergio Tachini is the underdog hero the world needed on the hauntingly beautiful Back To You

Transported from his latest spellbinding new project called Physically Here, Mentally Not, Sergio Tachini feels the burning bones inside his fiery soul in the extremely memorable mental health struggle that is life on Back To You.

Sergio Tachini is a Sydney, Australia-based indie hip hop artist who is heavily fused in with the underground graffiti scene in his multicultural home of Blacktown.

My music is deep, raw and honest. I hope people can relate and feel these lyrics. Everybody has their story.. so here’s mine.” ~ Sergio Tachini

There is a rare occasion when a song really hits the middle of the heart and is suddenly on repeat. Each line is thoroughly explored and everything changes. Sergio Tachini’s Back To You might be the most important single to hear in 2023. This is monumental stuff made with only genuine intentions. The underdog shall reign.

Back To You from Sydney, Australia-based indie hip hop artist Sergio Tachini is such an incredibly honest anthem for anyone who has dealt with heartbreak which is fused with mental health struggles. Urging his pain to go away, we find the truth inside a lyrically excellent track to cement into the minds of those who need something to believe in.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

West Sydney’s Sergio Tachini brings awareness to mental health trauma on the raw ‘Pain’

After sending us into a really awakened mood with the previous single all about a heavily tragic moment that changed his life forever on ‘Danii‘, Sergio Tachini wonders if this feeling will ever pass or if he’s stuck with it forever on his expressively excellent and emotional single, ‘Pain‘.

Sergio Tachini is a West Sydney, Australia-based indie Hip hop artist who has never been afraid of telling the truth, no matter how much it hurts inside his heart.

My music is deep, raw and honest. I hope people can relate and feel these lyrics. Everybody has their story.. so here’s mine.” ~ Sergio Tachini

Produced with such impressive depth by Boyfifty, Sergio Tachini opens up the door and leads us into his mind that is looking for that all-important healing that will assist in bringing that smile back and close the frown away forever.

Pain‘ from West Sydney, Australia-based indie Hip hop artist Sergio Tachini, is so inspiring on this message that shines brightly like a beacon of hope to those who have been keeping their feelings bottled up for too long. He raps with a raw energy that has you opening the window to take a deep breath with fresh air, so that you may face any issues that you are encountering before they break you down like a crumbling wall. Our mental health is something that can’t be taken for granted ever.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sergio Tachini – Danii: An edifying and accessible ode to vulnerability

From Tachini’s fresh EP ‘Broken’, ‘Danii’ is a chilled, space-filled ode to vulnerability and a lover lost to suicide. Heartfelt, beautiful, and tragic all at once, ‘Danii’ pays tribute through Tachini’s honest, reflective rap style, consoling and celebrating whilst never feeling self-conscious or forced. Tachini is open about his own battles with depression and anxiety, and that frailty comes through in the track’s sparse arrangement and instrumentation.

Invoking comparisons in such a personal and intimate piece of music is always hard, but the influences of artists such as Lil Peep and XXX Tentacion are undeniable here. ‘Danii’ is an open, sincere and profound track, almost conversational in its delivery. Candid and affectionate and yet immediately edifying and accessible, ‘Danii’ is both a fitting tribute and a gentle, delicate single in its own right.

You can see Sergio’s video for ‘Danii’ on YouTube.

Review by Alex Holmes